Lola T-70 replica

Hello all,
I am interested in the response for a future project,namely Lola t-70 Mk IIIB coupe.
What would the market be interested in.... monocoque very similar in design and execution to original with original style suspension or a tube frame car that uses standard componentry that is already in use in the replica market(Corvette)....
Both chassis will be able accept both Ford and Chevrolet engine packages and use a Porsche 930/G50 transaxle.
Price point is obviously not fixed as yet but a comparable rate to current GT40's is a good place to start...Turnkey not available at this time but with enough serious interest in either package it may well be an option..
Any ideas and feedback would be greatly appreciated...

Brian Kissel

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Hello MK3B !!!
With the Ebay auction this past week for a T70 (UNSOLD), having OVER 7200 hits (views) there must be some interest out there. This project you are thinking about, would this be here in the states, or across the pond ?? It would be nice to be able to get parts or panels without having to pay out rageous freight from England or where ever. If you would be kind enough to send me a personal message, I would like to discuss this further.

Brian /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif
I love the T-70. One of my all time favorite cars. Sorry guys buy I think I'd trade the GT for one. Well maybe...
My Gt is a space frame so that'll be good eough for me under a Lola.
This post is directed to our UK friends.
Reading the available Lola books, it's obvious the T-70
was popular and successful in UK racing.

My question is why hasn't the T-70 coupe replica been
as popular in the UK? GTD apparently didn't sell many,
and from what I can tell, neither did Mr. Bell.
Seemed to be similar price/performance as the GT40 what gives?

There are various reasons, in my opinion, why the T70 did not catch on. There are many who were put off by the tail end looks, nicknamed the Bread Van, as it can look a bit "ugly" at certain angles. It never gained the "glamour", despite its odd bursts of glory, that the 917s, GT 40s, etc had. It has very limited head room because of the curvature of the roof and because it was produced by a relatively small manufacturer (at the time) availability of spares and replicated parts was more difficult.
I looked into the purchase of the GTD/Bell moulds a while back but then found out that several others were also getting interested around the world in limited production and i did,nt want to get caught up in a melting pot with limited customers.The greatest concern though came from LOLA themselves.
Laurie Bray made it clear to me that although they approved, at the time, of GTDs quality of bodyshell and workmanship, there is no way now that they would approve the copying. They will not even allow chassis replication plans out unless you own an original tub or are an approved restorer. Remember that Lolas are still very much in business in GB, and in this tough racing economic climate, Martin Birrane the owner, must protect his own. Specialised Mouldings still hold the original moulds and rights and might have a thing or two to say on the matter. Thats my overview of the case as i see it at present. Hope it helps with your survey.
Graham @ GTA Racing.
Hi guys, Oh dear oh dear. There are a few misinformed people out there and I think some record straightening is in order..

firstly. specialised Mouldings are not the only people with a set of moulds. There are four sets that I know of. There are two makers of tubs and the later will supply to original clients only. The Mono design is protected and in ally and you must be mad to WANT to do an ally tub and have the very high maintenace. Though If you want an ally tub and lightweight body, We can supply that also, if you have deep pockets.

For the record the original T70 GTD moulds were of good origin. The letter of ownership has past to Derek as does the tooling for the Windscreens, which we might add are supplied to original owners on a regular basis!! In return we are in negotiation with original suppliers for parts supply, Both ways!

The GTD T70 didnt sell may as it was at a time when the world crashed in the early 90s. I was at GTD remember, so no know it alls who think they know better.... I watched the crash, took the phone calls for 27 cancel orders because of the Recession; Do you all have very short memories? That is why the GTD T70 never flew out the door.

I did shows in Sweden, sold three there. Fact is, if things were right in the world the Lola would have sold more. Now Mr Bell has a chance to get it right. The Lola will never sell as many as the GT40: it stands to reason, the GT is an acceptable road car, the lola is an obvious race car. In the near future we know that the lola will sell between 6 and 10 per year, maybe less maybe more. However, if the demand is there, we are ready to sell as many as orders go.

Luckily i sent all the Lolas out when I worked for GTD. I know them well, and how they go together. The MDA chassis has been adapted to suit Lolas wider and longer body and the top rails are redesigned. Im happy with progress and the new owner will recieve his package in the next two months we hope.

If anyone has further direct questions mail to me as i do not always read this forum, Im normally too busy building cars!

cheers to all


Thanks for the input. I understand the Lola is a limited
market item, less than the GT40, but I think a market does exist if someone can offer a reasonably priced kit.

The problem is that most of us don't want to be the 1st!
I would have to sit in/ride in one before considering,
and will be keen to see details on the "MDA/Bell" Lola
when it arrives in the States. Hopefully Lola won't
pull a "Shelby" and stop this worthy venture.

thank you for your replies so far.
As I suspected our tube frame car shows more promise than our monocoque,at least as far as desirability and ease of maintenance.
I feel our jigs and monocoque resources may be better served as restoration tools and not reproduction per se,although the new rules from the F.I.A. do open a rather exciting door as far as "continuation cars" as they will be able to race.
I am looking forward to the resurgence of the T-70 cars,whomever supplies them, as they too are as desirable as GT40's least in my eyes.
Oh dear,
Mr Sibley,You did not read MikeDDs question properly and your harsh reply is uncalled for.
Certainly nothing i said is misinformed, only based on what my personal views and knowledge are. There are in fact considerably more than 4 sets of moulds out there but the owners are not stupid enough to call theirs LOLA.What i said to Mike does not justify your onslaught and you are only judging it from a GTD stance and pushing your own business.Mike is testing the water and correctly wants to judge all aspects. Your intended T70 is far from ready and you don,t want to think you have all the knowledge and answers.
Do be very carefull not to call it a LOLA T70 !!!!!

Graham @ GTA.
Oh dear,
Mr Sibley,You did not read MikeDDs question properly and your harsh reply is uncalled for.
Graham @ GTA.

[/ QUOTE ]

Oh Dear, Oh Dear,

Monsieur Sibley, a gentleman, was only putting his point of view across, and it was not harsh and the onslaught? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

Mr Sibley was providing forum members with his extensive knowledge. Facts as they stand. If there are more moulds than 4, does it really matter? And since Mr Sibley is providing a T70 replica with Derek Bell then I think it is important that forum members are aware of it. Mark Sibley has, is and continues to provide enthusiasts with great products and very valuable information. We should be grateful for his input!

I don't see any reason to publicly make one of the forum's greatest and most knowledgeable contributors out to be some sort of rogue! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif

Mark, great info thanks. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif



Please don't turn this into a flame war.
I'm just trying to understand why there are so few T-70
coupe replicas in existance. Whether it's Lola lawyers, or
perceived lack of a market by those with molds, or whether
the T-70 coupe has flaws (beyond normal sports car flaws)
that I need to be made aware.

I appreciate Mark's input since the GTD-70 is the only
Lola kit I've seen photos of. But other than Derek's green demonstrator, I've not seen or heard opinions on any other T-70 coupe replica....GTD or any other manufacturer.

Jim from NYC (MK IV- J6) tools around in an original
T-70 (!!), but I can't use that as a yardstick since a
mono replica is out of my price range.
Hence the request for any info/opinions on the subject.

I get the impression there are others in the US who would
like a T-70 replica coupe, but want to touch/feel before
laying out a significant chunk of currency.
Hopefully we'll get a chance in the future to do so.

A few points. The original tubs were a horror show of dissimeler metal a poor quality foam that rotted itself to death very quickly. Mine has been rebuilt several times and little of the original remains. There are tons of spares for these cars available from many sources. They make GREAT road cars. I'm 6'1" and have plenty of headroom. They're very pretty and stable at speed. If you search this forum you'll find photo's and info on mine which is an original.
The coupe looks SO much better than the spyder it's hard to believe they were based on the same chassis. I know taste is
a personal thing, but the spyder just doesn't appeal to me.
Yet it seems more T-70 spyder replicas have been made
than T-70 couple replicas. Go figure!

I give up with SOME of you lot. Mike asked a question and i replied with MY view and actual facts direct from Lola.


My last post on this forum. I,m tired of the venom. I have too many other things to do.
Graham @ GTA.
I am sorry to have shaken the hornets nest here but please let's be civil to each other as we all have a common goal "the T-70".
The car obviously still stirs deep emotion as it did when first introduced.
More of your concise opinions would be very helpful and any advice you deem necessary to give will be gladly heard.

The original spyders are quite pretty and look nothing like the replica in Kit Car. They did use the same tub but Eric's idea that one could switch back and forth was a bit of a pipe dream. When I was young and crazy I used to drive my original spyder on the street. Driving along at 2am in an ex Donohue Can Am car on the highways of NY is not something you ever forget. I even once took it into Manhatten over the Verranzano Bridge through NJ. and back home. I'm not sure many have done that.
Always exciting when strong opinions, coupled with the loss of nuance and intonation required to provide context, engage in discourse.

Or at least attempt but miss each other by a country mile.
Rather than go on. I know one thing for sure, and I certainly agree with Graham /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif, the T70 is a true great! It's on my shopping list.