Lola T70 MK3b Bodywork - Suppliers ??

Meinolf I have a used GTD3b nose and new sills also have original 3b nose and sills they are very different the sills are compleatly different the nose mounts differently and is a different shape as a result. I am the opposite to you looking for an original cockpit and doors to complete my body set. I also have moulds for headlight covers taken off GTD headlight covers these are probably interchangeable. May be willing to sell the GTD panels.
Picture of GTD nose mounting and Original T70 3b sills


hi mark, i do not have the center body .i have your question forwarded to new owner.He answers.ths front nose is from derek bell lola?
gruß meinolf
Hi we have a lola T70 Rear engine cover on ebay - listed today, it is currently up on an auction if you could let people know.

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we are based in the midlands and do have some t70 body panels.