LOLA T70 scratch build...

Ian Anderson

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It's trying to say you need 4 wheels and some protective metal work around you! :laugh: :laugh:

I have not been on a bike for years but still bear the scars from those earlier years!

Some more progress. Over the last couple of days most parts of the chassis got sorted. I have to say that for very tricky bits (rear shock towers and their mucked up bending) I had professional chassis builder Henry Atherton (P 917, F 512, Safir GT40, Gulf Mirages) coming onsite for support.

Still some stuff to be done but I´m happy with the steps forward:


Hello Marcus
As usual your work is fantastic !!!!
Hope this year you will find sometime left to go forward ?:thumbsup:
BTW...if you have any particular recommendations for coating the ally sheets I´d be grateful.


This is the best you can buy. It must be sprayed in a booth with protective gear. But the chassis will NEVER corrode. Especially if you paint the chassis with a topcoat of say, epoxy white or gray. I'm thinking originals were bare but you have put so much time and effort into this it may be something you want to consider. Is it ALCLAD aluminum? In other words, does the sheet stock you have been using covered with a layer of pure aluminum?

4123 EPOXY PRIMER 7835 - PPG Industries - Aerospace

It's my understanding that this zinc can be used on steel parts as well.
Hello Marcus
Good progress !!
It's so nice to watch you are again at work so much !!!!
Keep on this good work :thumbsup:

Do not worry about aluminium aspect until you are done with all drilling
It will be time enought when you are ready to start riveting !!!!
And remember ; a little "patina " shouldn't be bad comparativly to a too shiny tub!!!:worried:
Do not paint or coat her !!!!! not "in period at all":laugh: