LOLA T70 scratch build...

Today I fitted the radiator housing to the front bulkhead:


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O.K. Here's my 2 bits. All of the original 16 mk3b's had grey painted tubs. They were painted on external surfaces only. Any internal area's were left raw. The only cars with nickel plated steelwork and polished sheetwork were the 78-82 continuation run by Lola. This was to distinguish between original cars. Also, some of the pick up points and suspension geometry was different. The later 2005 continuation cars were painted as per '69 cars. A lot of Mac's tubs are polished, but then some painted too. And it's just a good old etch primer and then French battleship grey to finish. And believe me, I know.
Oh, Marcus, riveting is carried out as soon as glue applied.
Cheers all.

Ian Anderson

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Good to see you are working with Lola again.
Still amazes me how 50 ish years ago someone could decide to bend some bits of metal and come up with this design. Real engineering!

Hi Marcus!

What's going on with your project? More than a year since last post. Hope everything goes well for you

Hope to read something new soon!

Hi all,
it´s been quite a while but I´m back in orbit now. Due to some changes in my job (read: increase of workload) I had to put the build on hold.
Now back with it. Had the center section, doors and sidepods made in England last week, awaiting delivery -hopefully- next week.
Also finished rear shock towers.


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Hi to Markus ; hope you , wife and family are Ok
Have you had sometime left with this weird and so strange virus situation to go ahead with your project ....
Any update on the status ?

Ian Anderson

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Great to see the car is slowly progressing. Now less Ducati machines and more on the Lotus and you will get to drive it sooner!