LOLA T70 scratch build...

And here at last -> My LG600 with reinforced sideplates.


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Marcus, I may have some gearsets that fit an LG. I'm trying to find out if they are LG, DGB, or DGN gears.


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Wooohouuuu ; that's a big big piece on your puzzle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those gearboxes are so rare and pricy now !!!!!


Marcus, make sure your ring gear bolts are torqued to spec and lock wire them in place. A bit of Loctite on the threads is a good idea, too. LG gearboxes are notorious for loosening those bolts and backing them out far enough that the bolt heads contact the inside of the side cover and trash it. We lost one that way in Bob's M8C in Can-Am.
You have really avery nice piece of car there !!!!
Was dreaming to hve similar one for a Maclaren M6 GT project I had but have gone away due to cost and Brexit thing !!!!
Very nice Marcus. Love your work.
Any chance you could divulge your source of wheel clips ? I have McLaren Reprduction wheels from Vintage Engineering, but no retaining clips.
Regards, Udo.


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Hello Markus,
Good to hear from you, hope you are doing good.... any updates? Please;)
Congrats, @marcus! I also own a T70 - a Spyder. My T70 is not historically accurate, like yours will be. My car is dimensionally accurate, and, with a steel frame, structurally closer to the earliest Mk I's. Some of the panels are ex-Huntingdon, and the motor is a Can-Am spec, slightly detuned (460 hp) 383 CI SBC fitted with an original Moon manifold and 4 Weber 48 IDA two-barrel downdraft carbs. She runs on 93 premium, but pulls stronger with a couple gallons of added race fuel. The car was built by John Gyann near Chicago at the turn of this century. He wanted a car with robust chassis and suspension, and convenient parts accessibility - a car suitable for both road and track. Thus, he built my T70 with Corvette C4 uprights, hubs, wheel bearings, spindles and more, and gave the car a steel frame with aluminum sections, similar to the Mk I. He eschewed a 4-speed Hewland trans (which would have been neat with the clutchless upshifts enabled by the dogbox rings) in favor of a 5-speed Getrag engineered for a much heavier Audi. The addfitional, and lower, first gear and baulk-ring synchros enable easier driving around town. He built two T70's, and now that mine is almost back on it's (rubber) feet, both cars will still be running (John planned on putting the car into production, but a recession intervened, and only two were produced). My T70 has an HSR logbook, has run and won a few races, and participated without great success in the 2012 Walter Mitty in Atlanta. I am completing my SCCA Competition licensing this coming weekend, and I plan to enter my car in a few races per year. After three races over two years, I will receive my Pro license, which is basically a bucket list thing - I do not intend to do any serious racing - vintage appearances only. There are some really serious racers in vintage, to be sure, but no kamikazes, as the rules protect valuable cars and older drivers. For most of us, it's about participating, not winning, although there are exceptions driving their 800 hp Ford GT's and Porsche 935's. My finger will get tired pointing them by.

My car sat with only occasional engine restarts for 10 years, so every bit of rubber, and every older-style rubber-cored stainless braided line required replacment. That's every master, slave and wheel cylinder, the fuel cell, every tire, plus rebuilds of all the Webers, full engine tune, replacement of all fluids, revamping of the fire suppression system, 6-point seat belt replacements and more - a big job! Because the car had never seen street use, and because my primary use will be "sur le boulevard", turn signals, horns, and USB / 12 VDC power ports were also installed, The car is now painted and final reassembly has begun. The T70 imaged in my signature is not actually mine, but carries nearly identical paint color and graphics.

Have you given thought yet to the livery for your car yet? What engine and trans??
Bruce, the trans is the Hewland LG600 you see further up in the thread. Any FIA-eligible engine accomodating my Lucas/Kinsler injection will be welcome.
Hi Mr.Marcus I'm a student who doesn't know much about building race car frames but I'd like to know about if it that "BOX monocoque frame" is strong enough to go at high speeds.
Hi Mr.Marcus I'm a student who doesn't know much about building race car frames but I'd like to know about if it that "BOX monocoque frame" is strong enough to go at high speeds.
Going at high speeds isn't so much of a concern to me but from high speeds to zero within a few centimetres really is.