LOLA T70 scratch build...

Marcus, this is an incredible build! It has been a huge pleasure and inspiration to read through your work here. I look forward to following your progress with this amazing project!
Thank you, Elliott.

Fitting the panels on the underside:


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Hi Marcus
Wahouuuuu !!! Now this seems to be a monocoque for anice car !!! LOL
Congratulations !!!! another step on your excellent built
Michel, the last step will be the final overall bonding & riveting for which I´ll have to move the chassis out of my current workshop.
Super Marcus ; close an closier to the final drilling ?
Do you have yet all supension components ?
Hey Michel,
Final drilling would be one of the next steps, correct.
As for the suspension components...still looking for the drop links for the anti roll bars and the steering tie rods. Any hints welcome ;-)
Drop links can be done easily ;do you have some pictures or etter some drawings
Same for steering tie rods depending of waht sort of end spherical bearing they have
May be could help with great pleasure ;)
If you want parts already made for Lola T70 contact Mac
McClendon International
4011 CR West
St Johns Florida 32259
904 287 1247 email [email protected]
He has EVERYTHING needed for Lola t70. If you go to his place it wont be unusual to see several orignal serial nr cars in various states. People ship in Lolas from all over the world to have him repair and dial in thier cars. Hes a good guy to deal with. and ships world wide.