Looking for an affordable body. No longer looking

Does anyone have a damaged or extra front and rear clamshell laying around your garage?

It can be damaged or in need of repair. I don’t want anything new right now, I’m seeing what I can find that I can work on. Most of my cash has gone to the engine, chassis and suspension.

I’d prefer an MKII, but I’m open to seeing what you have.

Let me know!

Thanks guys...
I've got a used body you can take off my hands if I can find a suitable replacement. It's an original body - vintage 1967, has a lot of miles on it with a lot of scrapes and dents, one bad knee and two eyes that don't see as well as they used to......
Best bet is to call/email Bill or Fran. Chris Arden may have something for you right now. (get all the parts from one source) Trying to marry different parts together is a real job if you are not a professional fiberglass repair guy as mentioned in a previous thread. Scott
The Spider is from Chris. He has some body parts for me but I’ve spent a lot of money on the engine and all the parts I have so far. Maybe I’ll just wait and save some more. I’m trying to stay married :)
Hi George, that’s very nice of you to tell me, thank you. Yes I saw that but it’s a Kellison. It resembles a GT40, but it’s really not that close. It’s hard to tell in those pictures, but a Kellison I don’t think belongs in the same conversations as the gt40 replicas we discuss on this forum.

Take a look at these Kellison pictures. The nose is all wrong and the sides are too fat. Just isn’t right. The last two pictures compare the ebays body’s nose to the actual gt40 nose. Very different.

I wish it was a body that I could buy!


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I’m going with the MKII on eBay. This gentleman is a big gt40 guy and this body is a direct take off from an original.

I’m going to do some fiberglass classes. Haha
Great news, congratulations. I learned how to fiberglass from watching videos online and so far, not complicated, just messy. Enjoy!!!!
Thanks George. This is actually a nice body. He sent me a bunch of pictures, but I am going to have to learn fiberglass work. Good suggestion on watching videos online. I’ll post some pics alone the way. I’m pumped!