MDA Mk2 build - Anyone know this car?

Hi all

Found this website a month or two ago on an MDA MK2 build by someone called Craig. The diary was really interesting and Craig was doing an amazing job but the site was last updated in 2008.

MDA GT40 Mk.II - Build Diary

Just wondered if anyone knew the car or owner, how the build was/is going? It says on the website he moved onto a Mirage Automotive chassis and the MDA was up for sale. Would be nice to find out where the car is.
Craig Boon from Southport, we built the FE for it ( now in a Cobra replica )
The car was sold, we were approached to do another engine but nothing came of it, can't remember who.

Mike Pass

Craig has changed his plans. He has now sold the MDA chassis and some otherparts. He has kept the FE that Mike built for him. He has had a chassis made to exact original steel monocoque spec by Mirage in Poole. Not sure how far on he is with the build. He works on oli exploration and so is away quite a lot.
Hi guys,
yup, it was mine, now sold to an owner in SW England who is building up as a Mk.I I believe.

Mono project coming along nicely, but as somebody else said, I am away quite a bit :)


Hi Trev

I purchased the kit from Craig some time ago, build now moving along in a forward direction as i changed a few things that Craig completed, i have started a build log which needs updating, rich MDA ( or someething like that)