Michael's GT-R Build

Ken Roberts

I’m collecting parts for a future GT-R build so I’d be in for a set of the fog light lens as well. [email protected]

Plus any other parts you might want to replicate/sell. Especially the CNC side mirror mounts and rear grills.
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Michael, love your build. I noticed you used several parts from H. is he still around selling parts or do you know others selling parts like the engine cover hinge, rear inner fenders, etc.....

Michael Hampson

I'll send you guys messages. Thanks!

Jim, though H is not building GT-Rs for folks, he still will sell you the fiberglass parts, hinges, etc. Just contact him directly. I don't have his number offhand, but you can visit H Craft (hcraftcustoms.com) and get his number there. He'd be happy to help you out.

I can make the door finger brackets (whatever they are called), side mirror mounts, and fog lamp lenses.

Michael Hampson

Hey folks! I will try to get some better pics later, but 11 months later, my GT is finally painted. Lots of issues and delays, but finally have it home and ready for the final work! The paint is magnificent, and there are only a few tiny flaws, that the shop promises to fix as soon as I get the rest of it assembled (I didn't want to wait another x number of weeks for it). Unfortunately, when installing the rear glass that H provided, it cracked, so I guess I will go back to the plastic piece. At the moment, it is not installed.
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Fantastic job Michael!
Your GTR looks killer, love the color combo.
The rear glass issue is a rotten break, sorry to hear.
That glass panel must have cost plenty.
Aside from that, have a blast with your GTR !
Wondering if a OEM rear window can be purchased and the cost.
Latest price I saw on FordParts.com was 1044.00
You will probably need to supply a 05-06 GT VIN as proof of ownership or they will not sell you the part.
Some GT parts are restricted and not for general sale, go figure.
I did manage to purchase a pair of original Ford rear clam vents from Tasca Ford in July 2021.
I was never asked to produce a VIN so for reasons unknown that part was not sale restricted.
If you check H Smiths build log for his GTR I think he mentioned the factory GT rear glass does not quite fit the GTR opening.
Michael, Congrats on the car! I had seen a couple of your YT videos, but hadn't seen your build thread until now. Another amazing GT-R build. I especially appreciate your detailed posts on fiberglass work, like cutting out the front hood and creating the dashboard pieces. Invaluable info. Appreciate your sense of humor as well.
Which sculpting foam do you prefer for making plugs for FRP parts? I know some foams melt when the polyester resin contacts it and other foams are more difficult to shape.

Michael Hampson

I am not sure I am the expert here, but I was using a 4lb polyurethane sculpting foam. It must be polyurethane and not polystyrene, or it will melt, as you mentioned. I used 4 lb foam (I think it is weight per cubit foot or something of the like) but I think a heavier foam might be better. The 4 lb seemed pretty brittle and easily damaged. I got mine at foammart.com. It's not cheap. Anyone else reading this, let me know if there are better choices in foam types or suppliers.