Mid engine C5 T70

Finally got all the grinding finished on my chassis & remounted centersection of the bodywork back in place. I have the chassis set at ride height now so I’m starting floor fabrication.
***question everyone***
Ground clearance under floor? 3”or 3.5” I’m planning 3.5” for now.


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personal preference, but on my T70 spider I'm at 3.75 front, 4.5 rear. And I think I'm going to add 1/8th on the front just for a little insurance. On a side note, have you duplicated the Corvette inner mounting points for the suspension? It's always a little weird to me how the upper A arms are pointing down outside at ride height. Don't know if that's a byproduct of the upper ball joint design, or if it's something GM did to change the camber curve for whatever reason(s). Though Vette's apparently have a rep for slightly spooky handling at the limit.
Thanks for the input everyone, the bottom of the frame rails are about 4.75 front rig-hole & 5.75 at the rear rig hole.
Mostly a track day car, but it is licensed & titled as a 2000 corvette, believe I could get collector plates now...
I’ll go with 4” floor then, with the stretch I have room to lay-out seating for head/helmet clearance around rollcage.