Scott Calabro

I'm a fan of the MKIII nose with a single vent hatch.

I'd like to see one on a RHD/RHS MKI with a Gulf rear clip.

Yes, it may be distasteful to some but what the heck we are talking fake anyway.



I've always said that the MKIII nose with the twin headlights and raised wings makes a fantastic looking car when married to the MKI rear end.

There was a car featured on this forum 10 years ago that had exactly that configuration and I really liked it. From memory it was dark blue and there was a Ronnie Spain angle to it too if memory serves.

I got a bit shouted down so I'm glad to welcome another MKI/III fan to the party Scott!


Jac never ceases to amaze me with his encyclopaedic knowledge. Don't know how he does it at his age.....:lipsrsealed:


Well, to be fair to myself, I did remember Blue, MKIII/I, the Ronnie Spain connection and that it was almost exactly 10 years ago, so don't write me off just yet!

So. how did we do Scott?

Anyway, I still think I have Jac's coolest fan in my house: You wanna hear it on Defcon 2 setting! :stunned:
Scott.. in all GT40, thread titled- MK3-, date 17th June 2011. Guy in Germany who seems to have combined various front/rear clip combos.