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Randy V

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Wow Joel!!!! Those are seriously cool cars! The technology in the chassis and suspension are something I’ve not seen before!

Bob Jones

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I’ll second that.
They are seriously cool cars!
I started indoor RC racing with a model called the Lectricar back in 1976.
There is still an enthusiast restoring them today.
Model cars were always a second love.
I’ve been an aeromodeller ever since my sister bought me a Kielkraft Nomad glider kit when I was 7.
Free flight, control line and then finally RC.
I built this a few years ago before they started calling them “drones”.


This link might be useful for any other ”vintage” aeromodellers out there.
Wish I kept my old COX GT40 and Chaparral and tool box full of goodies.
Bill, I had a white chaparral 1/32 scale Eldon slot car. Also had a root beer colored GT40 Hotwheels. But it was the 1/32 nd Scale Blue 63 Corvette Coupe that ignited my car passion when I was four years old. My dad brought the slot car set home and once I saw that Corvette I was hooked!

Here is a pic..

I started with a Scalextric Lotus, then put a Mustang body on, then got into scratch building cars, then ended up working full time as the `resident driver` for a slot cat company called Pitstop here in New Zealand which lead onto being the North Island champion 1 /32 scale 3 years running. Sadly I did not keep all my trophy`s but still have a couple of early ones. The rest is history...road racing go karts, circuit racing small saloons and now building race / road cars. Not much has changed in 70 years this January. That trophy was 51 years ago........


I started in HO slots as at 8 years, RC 1/8 gas at 14, then the Associated RC 300 came out (fully independent suspension). That car ruined RC for me, so expensive I decided to go real road racing. 20 years later I was back to playing with cars.
Joel, those are some LARGE cars! What and where is the track with infield grass at? As a kid I always wanted to drive one of the cool European grass infield RC tracks. I finally had to settle for the SPA 1:1 full scale racetrack in Belgium ... LOL.

My second favorite track after Phillip Island.

The oval track is in Wall Township NJ, we race on a Quarter Midget track 3 Thursdays a month from May-October. There are quite a few 1/4 oval tracks in the US. Check out for more info or on Facebook Jersey Shore RC Racing

The 1/5 Scale Road Racing(2WD, 4WD, and F1) I do is at an abandoned park in South Jersey, we run once a month during the race season. In California there are two world class tracks that I know of, one near LA and the other in Freemont. 1/5 scale is huge in Europe, but not much organized racing in the states.
That ''Fremont'' track you mentioned is the RAMS club. Of all the places in the country, that is THE club I started racing with as a young teen. I see by scanning the entry lists that some of the guys I raced with then are still involved. So are their sons, and in some cases grandsons! THAT is a mind blower!

Thanks for the thread and indirectly getting me reconnected with friends from my youth. I'll have to get out there and say hello.