Motorcraft logo and GT40 memorabilia

I've always loved the Autolite and Motorcraft logo that depicts a stylized GT40. I remember as a kid in about 1970 my Mom sewed a Motorcraft patch onto my CPO jacket (anyone remember those?) Well, I just found a place that sells some memorabilia and collectible stuff in relation to this logo. Check out . I picked up a pretty cool 3' x 5' wall banner that I can hang in my garage for inspiration.
Here's what it looks like:

I also wanted to share with you all a motorcraft logo that I found on the web a couple years ago, after much searching. It's a bitmap image rather than a jpeg. If you want to save it on your computer right click below and select "Save Picture As...". Enjoy!

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Mark, you might want to check out Fran Kress' site. He has some neat GT40 stuff there. I am about to buy a set of cloth Ford GT logo patches (5.5") to put on my seat backs on the headrest. Since my seats are kind of plain black, I think this would really spiff them up. He also has JWAutomotive and FAV chassis plates (or a week ago he did, I just looked and he only had JW and Cobra Vin plates.) Anyway there is some cool stuff there
My dad, Mike Burdeinei, did that illustration. He did it freelance through Tyk advertising in chicago. He was suprised that he got the account because the detroit agencies usually did that kind of work.

The original illustration was done from a .5 inch by .75 inch photostat of the car going down the mulsanne straight at le mans that was sent to him by ford. He put a set of horizontal lines across the crude image to convey speed. The actual job was a complete packaging kit for fords new preforamce parts distributorship, Motorcraft. He delivered letterhead, business cards, product packaging (went so far as to make an prototype autolite sparkplug box w/ the logo), and an illustration of a Parts Technicians' Uniform.

The logo copy "Motorcraft" was done in a modified fortune font.

On the GT-40 logo

He noted that microgramma medium extended was used for the logo on the side of the original racecars. This was a popular font at the time, as it was also used for the lableling on the spaceship in a film that came out the same time called 2001: A Space Odyessy.

He is disappointed that ford stopped using his logo, as he is more a fan of gt racing than nascar (the new logo promotes fords nascar involvement).
That is totally cool!! I am just blown away that this post elicited a response from someone who's father drew that illustration. How entirely appropriate that the basis for the logo is an originated with a GT40 at speed on the Mulsanne Straight!

FWIW, I saw that logo on a new part just today at the Midas muffler shop...I hope Ford realizes the brand value of that image.

Thank you so much for sharing that information and please tell your father that his illustration fascinated a certain little kid who grew up and finally bought the car of his dreams.
I also just bought a part from Ford and it had the logo onit. Tell you Pop I love this logo and probably have a new shirt with it on it. I print for a living but I won't be the one coping the trademark
Does he have any clean versions for the logo that can be e-mailed. Again not for reproduction I just like to look at it.


Sometimes you don't realise what you have....

When I was about 15, before I had discoverd girls and cars, I was seriousl;y into windsurfing (sailboarding?). Bought a Klepper board and rig that was an unused promotional get up.

It was a Motorcraft livered board and had this logo on the very big sail. If only I still had it today.....I just didn't know what it was then.


That is just remarkable as I had that same Klepper but with the ordinary rig (a 5.4m2 if I remember correctly)I lost more skin on that lethal Klepper non slip that I care to imagine.. its a real coincidence, as I think Klepper only sold about 30 boards in the entire UK....... I think I sold a Laser Surf Sprint to buy it...remember them?

wow... today must be coincidence day!

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Thanks for the neat connection Toddnick.

Luckily, I've never had the Klepper!
Oh, never mind...
I remember watching my Dad tune up our '69 wagon and asking how could there be a picture of a Corvette on a Ford part box. I guess that's when I fell in love with the GT (not knowing what it was) and just had to end up having one.
I'm glad you all enjoyed it. My pop is tickled pink that people still care about something he did 30+ years ago!!! He then regaled me with tales of can-am races he took my mom to when they were dating in the 60's. ;P

He says he might have a few of the original marker comp illustrations in storage. I'll post 'em if he can find 'em.


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Back when I was a Ford dealer and involved with Ford performance, John Clinard, the marketing manager at Ford SVO asked me to be involved with a dealer focus group for a new car they were developing. This was 1986 and Ford was planning a mid engined sports car to use the soon to be produced Taurus SHO Yamaha built 3 liter engine. At the time this was coded GN 34 but was known as the "Cobra". Plans were for the car to be assembled in France by Chaission with the mechanicals being sent from the US and of course the engine from Japan. John proposed the car be called the "GT 44" as it was 44" tall. The people at Ford asked "why?" John explained the GT 40 and all it entailed, blank stares. The people at Ford claimed no one would remember a race car from 20 years ago. John asked me for my take.....I replied that Ford had sold hundreds of millions of parts with the "ghosted GT" logo on them as Ford and Motorcraft branded items and if this "old race car" didn't mean anything, why were they still printing on every parts box they made?

Alas, a business downturn killed the project and other than the prototypes in the Rousch collection nothing more ever became of the car. But if it had been built, as John said, "W'll make Chevy sorry they ever thought up the Corvette".

I just checked and BossMotorsports (who is still in business) now wants $525 for that vinyl Motorcraft banner. After hanging in my garage for 10 years mine was kind of ripped up. When I moved in 2012 I started to tape it back together, then said, "what the hell," and tossed it in the garbage. Now I wish I hadn't.

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They seem to get brittle over the years - dunno if it's from ozone or what...
I have an original BFGoodrich Cobra banner that is literally breaking apart. Not yet tossed it though.