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Max Walter

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A topic I have heard several people discussing and finding difficult to find a solution to is multi-car insurance policies.

While I was reading the programme from the local (but World's biggest) Steam Fair (of all places, but I was working there), I saw an article about Footman James (they were sponsoring Stirling Moss, who was attending the event), who claim to specialise in classics/kits etc. and also do multi-car policies.

Footman James


Jim Rosenthal

In the USA I have insured all my enthusiast cars with Hagerty. I have nothing but good experiences with these guys so far; they even have a good sense of humor. I have not put the GT40 with them yet as it is still under construction; hopefully they will cover it. But, as far as all my other cars with them go- so far, so good.
I heard Hagerty has stopped writing Cobra policies.
Don't know if it's Cobra only or all "component" cars.
Please keep us posted.


Ron Earp

Buddy of mine recommended them to me, but, in NC they cannot do cars later than 1978 - what a pain!


Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
Ron, I have all the forms to do my registration. The next step is insurance. Can you give me a call and share what you have learned?


Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
It appears that insuring a kit car in North Carolina is going to be problematic. We have been given a waiver for emissions which allows us to use "legal" means to register our cars. However, they will be registered as 2003 cars. Unfortunately, all of the out of state specialty car insurers: Grundy, Haggerty, Condon & Skelly, are not allowed to insure a car built after 1978 in North Carolina. ANPAC apparently does not do business in North Carolnia. This only leaves the Chubb Group as a possibility, at least, from the list I have at this point. Chubb does have local agents, so I am keeping my fingers crossed /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

Here is a URL from the Long Island Corvette Club which has a listing for speacilty car insurers:

Classic and Specialty Car Insurance