Mustang clutch and Un1

Hello I'm sure this will have been covered in here but I can't find what I'm looking for.

So here is my problem as my mustang clutch starts to wear, the room within the Cole bel housing is reducing to the point that the trust bearing is pinned against the back wall of the bel housing.
The result is an increasingly slipping clutch.

I have measured the engine size and compared against the ullage/space in the bel housing nothing in it very tight.

I've tried to slim down the modified Renault fork and the bearing retainer also a little on the bel housing.

If this is successful it will only be a short while till it starts to slip again I'm sure.

Is there a slimmer thresh bearing that be used or clutch package.

Really appreciate your help with Guys missing good driving time!

Regards Andrew
Hi Andrew
Don't know about a specific slimmer clutch release bearing that could be used. I use an AP clutch with a Chris Cole bellhousing with no issues
Another way to potentially resolve your problem is to fit a shim plate between the bellhousing and cylinder block which may be easier
Hope this helps
Many thanks Guys
Ive made a number of small adjustments to the bell housing and the fork, and fitted the modified slave cylinder, (thanks Andy) and no slipping. Fantastic.

Thanks for your assist Andy Green and Frank Catt and Bob.

I do however fear that it will return as the clutch wears.

So I would appreciate any model number of the clutch etc Andy.

Thanks to you all.
Cheers Andrew