My last build.. RCR-GT40 or RCR-GT...California LA

Hi everyone.... Spent the last 15 years on the Jeep and Corvette forums..

My sons and I race corvettes and the Baja 500.. We race dirt bikes as well:)

Anyway, we have 6 corvettes we race, but the one I always race in the the oldest one. My favorite and first corvette.. my 1979, C3.(purchased her in 1981).. I love the car for the body.. One of the reasons we (wife and I) chose to build a GT40/GT the beautiful body.
My C3 runs 530hp and 540 tq 427 NA, at the rear wheels, and weighs in at just 3,000lbs. We own our own in ground dyno have our own lifts tigs plasma cutters and full machine shop,, Wife (Roxanne) and I have been looking for a replacement for the C3 as I am going to give her to my oldest son. She will toast a C7 corvette:)
So with the C3 going in a few years a replacement would be needed.. I was leaning to a Viper.. Roxanne thinks they look like a ricer car.. so out.. she wanted a Lambo or a Ferrari, but you can not even change the wheels without getting chastised.. so out... so I brought out the GT40 to her.. she said "That is my all time favorite car" but she though they were over $500.. and our budget is under $250 .... so all is happy now in the home..

We still have not decided between the GT40 to the GT... I wish the GT was more finished on the inside... I have a fiberglass guy that builds CAI for me for C3's and we are going to try and mimic the GT inside if we go that direction. The engine in her will be a SBF 427 and will be a twin of the SBC 427 in the C3. (650hp 670tq~)

We are going to drive to the factory this July and see Fran and his setup.. kind of excited...

Sure do wish though I could find a GT and a GT40 in near Los Angles so Roxanne and I could "feel the car out"

Look forward to the build and all the help I am sure this forum will give..
Thank you in \advance:) Paul And Roxanne.
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