Mystery Part?

Along with all the other boxes of parts packed into the car upon delivery, was a plain white ripped box with no directions or markings with the below pictured part. We suspect that it is the optional adjustable pedal mechanism.

If in fact this is the adjustable adjustable pedal mechanism; is the intent of the device to:
A) Allow you to adjust the position of the pedals “Fore & Aft”?
B) Allow you to adjust the position of the pedals “Right to Left” only?

When I ordered the adjustable pedal option, I assumed that the answer is “(A)”; however, I can't figure out how to make it operate that way? I'm, wondering if possibly I'm missing some tracks :huh:

Any clues would be deeply appreciated, an installed picture would be most helpful!

Thank you,


That is indeed the moveable pedal plate.

Thank you, now if someone would please explain how the Tilton Pedal set mounts to the adjustable slide. There are four bolt holes and I can't line up more than one at a time with holes in the Tilton!

Dave Lindemann

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Jim -

I have the same slider and Tilton pedal assembly - they don't work together without some modifications. Part of the joys of having a component car! I haven't made the mods myself but my suggestion is to re-make the slider to fit the pedal assembly.

Dave L

Fran Hall RCR

He may not have...

We have a new parts guy and it may not have been shipped...but it certainly will be very soon if it was not.
Dave - Thank you!

Fran - Thank you, that explains my mystery.
I'll send you a P.M later today. Hope you had a nice vacation!