New Fly Slot Car GT 40s 1/32 on eBay very nice

That's neat...didn't know Fly made GT40s.
I have Fly Lolas but for some reason, they don't
hold the track as well as my Scalextric GT40s.
They sure look cool though!

Hi Mike, Fly just released their GT40 cars, thats why almost none on eBay and the limited production ones first. Then the good user ones will be out for about 40 bucks a pop that we can really race. My Lola handeled terrible till I added an extra magnet, and put silicon tires on it. Most of my flys handle better than any scalextrics that I have owned, The c5 vettes are great, the vipers are awesome(too easy for me , wife and kids like them , because they can sometimes beat me ,,lol) , As matter a fact ,, the Fly C5s are a good match for the scalextric GT as long as you move the magnet , full aft in the GT and add one small round one to the small holder in the front of the car,, well thats my 2 cents worth,,haha regards , Dan /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif