New guy, planning a new weird build

Hey Everyone!

Just want to introduce myself before I start scouring this forum for some help on my build. My Name is Clint and I currently live in Nashville, TN, USA but will soon be moving to Colorado and building a new home. I have loved cars my whole life and have owned everything from rx-7s to corvettes to golfs. I am planning on a very strange build that I will talk about in another thread and hope I can get some ideas flowing!

Some more about me, I am a traveling contractor, I travel all over the country to work. I am planning on settling down and want to start a car build to pass some time and challenge myself. Track days and fun are my end goal. I have a track motorcycle and use to track it a lot, but I want to have a car as it presents a totally new set of skills and challenges.

Looking forward to the experience and all the this forum has to offer!!


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Welcome Clint

great forum for information

I live a couple of hours southwest of Nashville



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Welcome to the forum. I have some bad news I'm afraid. Colorado is full and as of yesterday, the gates were closed and locked. Maybe California?
The gates are there to keep them in, not out. Visit Wyoming whenever you want Clint. You won't want to stay, the winters are too hard. Welcome aboard.