New ht40 owner

Well, i will do my introduction here. I just bought a GT40 north America. All carbon fiber body. 560 horse 393 stroker with a R21 trans axle. Very fast! Pulls so hard throuhh the gears! Car needs nothing, runs, dtivrs, handles perfectly. It is everything i was hoping for. The world just melts away when I'm behind the wheel. Here are some pics. ...


Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
Congratulations and yes an amazing feeling getting behind the wheel for the first time.

Be careful with the box because with 500 plus hp that is the weak point, clutch dump starts could damage the input shaft and hard acceleration in 5th could damage those gears as they are overhung at the rear and only pearing supported on one side!


Howard Jones

Change your info to reflect where you are from. State Country at least and a city, if you like. It would help us to know whether to invite you to get-togethers, offer help with projects, etc. Congrats beautiful car!
Thank you for the kind words everyone. I live in gig harbor Wa. Would love to meet up with fellow GT40 people. Really looking forward open track days at seattle raceways!!