New SL-C race car fast at Road America

Putting finishing touches on sorting SL-C at RA. Peter Stolz driving instructor for Level Up Racing in Wisconsin first time out on Shelby Club track day only had about 20 laps in this car and turned 2:16:66. That is only 2 seconds off the NASA super unlimited track record at RA.


I always thought these were a great alternative to a production super/hypercar, you could drive on the street and do track days with but as a pure race car lap times always dissapoint. 2 seconds is a lot, especially since you had a pro driver at the wheel, and nasa drivers are well not quite there. and you are only comparing to nasa times which historically arent too good. Your still 11 seconds off the scca gt1 record and 6 seconds off the P1 record!. Both those cars would also run the super unlimited class in nasa, and the not only do P1 cars only have about 200 horsepower, you could buy a P1 car for about what you paid just for the engine and transaxle on a race slc.
Why a silly reply. This is a BRAND NEW car on its first outing with a driving instructor ( not a "Pro" driver ) at the wheel with DOT tires and you're saying that is is disappointing that it is not as fast as a completely sorted race car on race tires?? I would think that once this car is sorted and has a driver who is comfortable enough with it to push it to it's limits ,( and with some proper rubber) it will be able to post some lap times that will be less "disappointing" to you . Am I missing something?
Edit my bad you are actually 15 seconds slower than a 200hp scca P1 car, which would run the super unlimeted class in nasa! Now thats whats silly!

Randy V

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I’ve hundreds of laps along with a number of wins at R-A and was (retired now) a driving instructor for BIR Performance Driving School for quite some time.
Even though we were asked on numerous occasions to “wring it out”, None of us Instructors would ever take a customer’s car past 9-tenths. Am I surprised that the lap times of this car at R-A are slower than a GT1 car? Not at all.

What is your best time at R-A and what class?


This chassis has a pretty good record at 25 hours at Thunderhill. Engine reliability issues are (I believe) the only thing that kept it from a win over some very talented competition. Your post is rather uninformed Jon.
Jeesus. Probably wasn't the best thing to include lap time reference. Someone is always going to come out and try to slap you in the face with them.

The important thing is, this is a front running capable car, equipped with all the right stuff, built by a shop that has in fact run at the front (in one of these cars) of one of the more famous off-season endurance races in the country. Fact of the matter is, that car was not the fastest, nor the most trouble free, but the fragile P1 cars broke and the factory customer cars from Audi or Porsche (depending on year of event) run by privateers were more reliable.

Unless your name is LeClearc there is always someone faster to put in the seat, unless you want to put a full body on an Indycar, there will always be a more capable car possible for a SuperUnlimited NASA race.
Great achievement by a car that you can slap on a license plate. Maybe with a racing style ABS and traction control it can run way faster a round the track.