New Superformance GT40

As requested by Brian, I have started a separate thread for my car. I am in Scotland so the car will be RHD but I will keep the shifter on the sill. I lived in the US for 11 years and have a manual LHD car so shifting with right hand is quite natural. it is a Mark 1 in dark blue gulf and orange to match chassis 1049. Engine is a Prestige Motorsport 427ci with Borla 8 stack and transaxle is Quaife. Engine can be seen running here
509bhp and 525lbft.

Should be on the boat in next few weeks. Engine is already here. Can’t wait to add her to my little collection.


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Congrats Merrick! Love the car . Please Post some pics.when the car arrives.what is superformance asking for one of these now .I am thinking of getting one after I am done with my SLC.
Thanks Greg. Will do. They start at £140 plus VAT. I have a few extras on mine plus the Gulf livery and the 427 engine so was a bit more expensive.

Brian Kissel

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Thank You Merrick.
These cars are absolutely beautiful. I like how everyone puts his or her special touches on theirs to give them their own identity. I think yours and Robs are the two latest.

Regards Brian

Dave Hood

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Merrick, congratulations! Awesome colour for your car. I live in the Charlotte area and Prestige Motorsports built a new 363 stroker motor for me two years ago. I have the same Borla injection as you with the Holley Terminator X set-up. I was super impressed with Doug and the team at Prestige, and being local I was able to visit their shop several times. You've made a good choice with them.

I passed 32,000km recently in my SPF MKI. I know you will thoroughly enjoy your driving experience, and the other SPF owners on the forum will be a great resource for you.
They have now fixed the gurney bubble (removed it) and it is ready to ship. Fingers crossed that all goes smooth. I am going to have “Ford” added to the stripe once here in the U.K. Apparently factory can only put GT40 there. It was my birthday last week and you may notice a theme in the gifts from my wife and kids .


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