New Website With Greatly Enlarged Parts Content


GT40s Sponsor
The old website was extremely tired and frankly did not reflect the last few 10 or so years direction of my passion.
Consequently, time to put the effort in and pull the plug on the old one.
I have utilised contemporary photos given to me by owners of original chassis restorations i have been involved with, particularly on the home page banner. So please check out the 'Restorations' section.

I would ask that before you submit parts enquiries, you realise where i am ' coming from'. My passion is directed at original chassis restorations, however i am aware of a desire within the continuation and replica market for these parts, and indeed i have been more than happy in the past to help where i can. One case in point is the soon to be released combination of our hartwell latches, with backing plate mountings to suit a Superformance. This will facilitate a backing plate with our correct latch, that is basically a ' plug and play ' option. No need to alter bodywork mounting holes to match the original ..
I fully appreciate each is a uniquely personal experience and has it's part to play in the wider scheme of keeping this iconic race car in the hands of aficionados. That is what it is all about... the 40 experience. Isn't it ?
Consequently, with attention to the correct original details, time intensive research and small batch production in the UK or USA ( never China ), i am not aiming at the market of some others. Lastly, even if you never become a customer, i hope when you visit the site, you come away with a positive experience. Enjoy.