Oil Temp Guage and line replacement help?

Looking for advice on restringing new oil temp line (mechanical) through the
"center tunnel" old one lays under the coolant lines and hoses on bottom. it doesn't budge when pulled from engine end.is it tied down or secured ?..anyone have experience with what has to be done to install a new one? Any experience or advise appreciated!
Richard Carr, P2127

Jack Houpe

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Richard can you pull a string through when you pull the old one out, then tie the new one on the string and pull back out?

Like many others have replaced all the gauges with speed hut gauges after they started failing, my oil pressure failed while driving to Little Rock and I almost had a heart attack, after pulling over on the freeway I raised the deck lid and looked at the oil pressure gauge on my accusump and it said 50 psi so I knew the oil pump on the motor was OK but it was really hard to stare at that oil pressure gauge on the dash sitting at 0-5psi while driving. :) I finally replaced all my gauges with speedhut you can see them at night and that's important for us old geezers, if I can remember back that far I think I did the string trick to pull the wire from the sender unit through.

Chet Schwer

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I would recommend cutting the old one loose at both ends and removing the console unless the wire wrapped line moves freely. mine was wedged between the tunnel and a support bracket and would not move. It was also tie wrapped to another wire. It is also nice to make sure the wires are not rubbing on the shift mechanism.
Thanks guys, good advice. Will add to my Speedhut speedo. order and re-route thru tunnel as old line won't budge in any direction. FYI on oil Pressure guage...Had random drops in press especially when cold..turned out plastic pressure line kinked at install like kinked garden hose at FOUR different places behind dash! Ok now with copper line.
Getting closer,
Richard Carr, P2127
Jack sorry no way to use a pull string. Working on the gauges is a B#$%^. Richard you'll have to pull the center console which isn't to bad it's finding the screw holes when you go to re-install. Then there is the issue of getting the new gauge installed.

While you have console out be sure to plug the hole where all the wires and cables come through the firewall. A lot of heat will come through there if you don't.

I like the look of the Smith gauges I just wish they worked.

Richard, enjoy the journey it is worth it.
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