On the move - again - Randy V

Randy V

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Hi folks,

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that after almost 30 years, my wife and I are finally moving back to Texas.
We’re loading up the last truck on Friday-Saturday and pulling the plug on Sunday morning to begin a thousand mile trek.
I will be somewhat out of pocket for a few days or so.
@Ron Earp will be manning the helm and we know how to get in touch with each other offline.
We’ll miss all our family and friends in Minnesota - but most certainly will not miss the taxes and upside down politics.
Our new (to us) home is in Midlothian Texas, about 30 miles or so southwest of Dallas.
Being close to the 7 decade mark in age, we will slowly reestablish or household and eventually I hope to build another shop.
We still plan on wintering (some) in Arizona and hope to do some more traveling in our small motorhome with Jeep in tow.

Take good care and I’ll be in touch as frequently as possible...


Bill Kearley

All the best and safe travels. Hope you have a BIG shop soon.
I would like to get out of this town I live as well Randy, but at 70 years old and the thot of getting reestablished ( time ) I will just suck it up.


That sounds like a really good move. On so many levels.

You may need the AC in the GT a bit more than your soon-to-be former abode.


Howard Jones

Welcome (back?) to the Great State Of Texas! I'm in New Braunfels between Austin and San Antonio. Never been happier since my escape from the people's republic of california. When you get settled keep us al up to date on how things are goin.