ord GT40 Gets Destroyed in Nurburgring Crash During 24H Classic Race

With the Nurburgring currently holding the 24 Hour Classic race, the Green Hell brings the special kind of devastation this weekend. So instead of seeing the infamous German track claiming your modern machines, you'll get to notice the Ring taking a bite out of the kind of retro automobiles you see in museums.
Ford GT40 Gets Destroyed in Nurburgring Crash 6 photos
Ford GT40 Gets Destroyed in Nurburgring CrashFord GT40 Gets Destroyed in Nurburgring CrashFord GT40 Gets Destroyed in Nurburgring CrashFord GT40 Gets Destroyed in Nurburgring CrashFord GT40 Gets Destroyed in Nurburgring Crash
And if we are to talk about the most painful accident that took place yesterday, May 11th, this title has to go to the meeting between the guardrail and a Ford GT40.

Unlike in the case of the Lamborghini Miura tuned by Liberty Walk, which was based on a Ford GT40... replica, this time around we're probably dealing with an accident involving an original incarnation of the racecar.

Thanks to the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, we can see the GT40 sliding its way across the track - once the rear end became loose, the driver was unable to brings things back in line, with the air time generated by hitting a rumble-strip in skidding mode only making things worse.

As such, the Blue Oval icon rushed into the metallic element on the side of the road almost nose-first and the less than negligible velocity of the machine meant that the impact took quite a toll on the car.

Then again, the GT40 had seen its fair share of impacts back in the day - after all, Ford didn't learn how to beat Ferrari without a scratch or two. And the vehicle seems to have witstood the crash rather well, as we can see the driver getting the car out of the danger zone after the impact.

However, the GT40 crash wasn't the most severe one of the day, since an Opel Kadett GSI rolled over in a spectacuous accident.

In fact, the piece of footage below, which portrays the two crashes, also involves a third, less sever accident, but one that won't go unnoticed by classic car aficionados.

Sorry, I could not share photos. If you have any pictures of this incident, please share.
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WTF, yes - they are blocked :-(

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The work in paddock video plays for me, and a quick search on Google will bring up some of the photos of the crash, which don't look to be consistent with the title "GT40 gets destroyed" as it clearly looked to be driving away after the incident albeit sans front clip.