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Recently there were some rants about the wait time for parts. Specifically, in this case, it was headers. While I have been waiting what seems like a long time, I realized that some of you have been waiting longer. We have substantial investments in these cars and each day farther away from completion means we could recoup less of that investment if, God forbid, we were forced into this situation. Would be builders aught to consider this when starting out. I had no way to judge how long it would take to accumulate the parts necessary to finish my project.

To that end, how long have you been waiting for parts? What is a reasonable time to wait? How do you handle a supplier who is not performing his obligation to provide you with parts, especially when funds have already changed hands and even when they haven't??
It's really not a question of how long; the real issue is when promised dates are missed by months. Everything takes time and there are always the unforseen circumstances. I feel the lack off communication is the real problem, esspecially when your parts are prepaid.
As far as how to deal with this, luckly for me I've only incountered this problem with one person. I try to be understanding and patient (until the day I wake and feel enough is enough.)

Robert Logan

Defunct Manufactuer - Old RF Company
I have been waiting for a set of headers from "George" for almost a year !!!!!

We have recieved the primaries (not finished ) and the usual "in the mail" promises. I was recommended to George by one of my owners and had all intensions and did recommend him to following owners. I feel somewhat responsible for the position some of my owners find themselves in.

More disturbing is that I now have been informed of Georges attempt to "borrow " from some of my owners, parts which I can only suspect he wishes to copy and sell on. When George asked for my help to build exhausts for one of my customers in the States, I sent him an adaptor plate to mate the engine and gearbox with the strictist understanding that the adaptor plate was to be used for that purpose and not to be copied and sold on. The time taken to design and manufacture such a complex shape was many weeks and as you would expect has been refined since.

Some weeks ago I was approached to supply some parts to Sabre by its owner. I was then and still am now, most impressed by his directness and honesty. He did not once try to hide who he was. I considered and declined the request. The parts requested were flywheels, clutches etc., etc. but did not include the adaptor plate which he had already sourced, I believe from George.

Not only is George NOT fulfilling his contractural rights to supply goods as promised but I believe that he is copying MY work for HIS gain.

I would very much like to hear Georges side of the story and I would also like to hear from everybody who has paid for and not recieved or only partly recieved exhaust systems or other things like ADAPTOR PLATES.

Please contact me via the info on my web pages at as I intend taking this matter further.

Best wishes to all,



Never pay in full for an order until it is ready to ship. Get a tracking number, and if you can, pay with a credit card. Check the tracking number. If it doesn't arrive as promised, dispute the charge on the credit card. This way you are covered. Usually those who require payment in full before work starts are actually using that payment to live off or pay for supplies to finish orders already taken before you.

I once waited about 8 months from the time of order for an aluminum block. I was told 3 weeks, I called once every week to check on the status for the entire 8 months. Not once was I asked for even a down payment. I have ordered things like turbo kits and only asked for a down payment. Then when the kit was ready to ship (within 6weeks) I paid the rest.

For those looking for exhaust for a GT-40 in North America it seems it may be good to look elsewhere. Try and see if they can recommend a reputable fabricator.

Ron Earp

Greetings All,

I feel it is my responsibility as the forum moderator and GT40 consumer to state my position and interest with respect to this thread on waiting for parts and orders with George Cochran.

During the summer of 2000, when I was researching which GT40 maker to settle on, I took at look at Lynn Larsens' Sabre GT40. He had at that time ordered a set of full crossover exhaust pieces from George at Kustom Metal Werks. I took at look at the pieces and said "Wow!". They were good. I've not seen a lot of GT40 systems, but George's were excellent pieces by any measure of metal working. Smooth bends and radii, no wasted parts, and block hugging tight - not angular and space-consuming as most of the examples I'd looked at - including a few orginals.

The welds were excellent, coating beautiful, and they fit. Lynn gave me the contact information and I passed it on to others, mostly Roaring Forties owners such as Bob Lawerence and others, as well with my highest recommendation for his work. When I started the GT40 webpage I posted photos of his work that were sent to me by Mike Starling, a friend building a Sabre GT40 and all-around good guy. His tubes were for a 351 block but the results were the same as Lynn's, excellent work.

I ordered a set along with a host of other folks building Roaring Forties cars and other makes sometime in the Spring of 2001. After speaking with George he agreed to let me borrow some of his special metal working tools which greatly helped me in preparing the Roaring Forties chassis - nothing mind-boggling but if you can borrow a 4-foot metal brake instead of buying it then it is a good thing, unless metal working is your trade. George sent me the tools, I paid the freight, and he'd never before met me in his life - just a good guy trying to help someone else out. In my opinion this says a lot for a person. When he needed them back I sent them back to him, no problems or worries.

I for one wasn't in a hurry to get my GT40 exhaust since I knew I'm a 2-2.5 year builder - I wish to take my time, do it 100% right, and build something that I'll be proud of driving (others can do the same faster, I'm just slow). Therefore, I allowed others that were in more of a hurry to get in front of me in the queue even though I'd ordered eariler.

However, after awhile it became apparent that there were some definite production problems with the pieces. Everyone paid for the work up front and, I for one supported and highly recommended the product, but few people had received everything that they'd ordered. I have received my modified rear cross-member and my heat shield as of this writing, nice work as usual, but not the complete system. Various stories floated around as to the reasons for the delays in delivery but these did not agree upon cross-examination. Deadlines and promised dates were consistently missed.

Therefore, I know that at least six people have not received everything that they've paid for or that was indicated was heading their way. I've received emails from various parties and I'm essentially trying to sum them up with this post.

The bottom line is this - I'm afraid at this time I cannot recommend to other folks to use George for their custom metal work. His craftsmanship is excellent and he has been very helpful to me personally, but the product has not been delivered to me and others when promised. This isn't good business practice and, given the amount of time involved here, would in many cases be considered beyond anything "reasonable" and warrant legal action.

Am I worried about getting the exhaust system? No, as I've stated here and on the Club Cobra I think George is honest with respect to accepted orders and will do what he says he will - it just might not be at the exact time stated.

What would I like? Well, I'd seriously like for George to solve his supply bottlenecks, be it his own projects or out-sourced bits, and get his business to the point where I think it deserves to be - at the top of the class. He obviously can do good things and could make a serious impact on the car building hobby as a whole, if he can get his business together and things in order. These types of things negatively influence outside perceptions and certainly can have serious ramifications for future business.

As for other situations involving Kustom Metal Werks and certain intellectual properties of Roaring Forties mentioned in previous posts, I do not know for certain the complete story there and will not comment. However, if these things are true then it is bad for business, the GT40 business in particular, and I don't think the industry needs such happenings. Folks work hard to develop their products and should be paid fair market value for such things. If indivduals or businesses seek to exploit the work of others for their own personal gain then I will certainly not tolerate it and will condem them given the opportunity. I will follow this closely to see what happens. Any information will be appreciated.

I'm sorry for the long post, even as "moderator" of the forum I definitely take a hands off approach. As I've stated before, I'm a strong proponent of freedom of speech and am not going to get into a censorship or editing mode. But, freedom of speech is granted to everyone concerned, all sides included - anyone else care to respond?


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Hi All, I'm Afraid there are some horror stories regarding suppliers and parts being supplied by Companies in general. As Bob and anyone supplying parts in the Component car world will agree, If you have to wait any longer than 3 months, there is something wrong. Any item, even chassis and bodies should never take longer than that. I order crossover exhaust for my GT and 3-4 weeks later its here. If I order multiples, its sometimes quicker. We all suffer from backlog and cashflow problems, it appears that This supplier has classic signs of taking the orders, taking the money and spending it on other goods instead of supplying what he is supposed to. I'm sure the other manufacturers will agree, you should only ever pay a deposit to start the order, unless the parts are ready for shipment immediately. This guys work maybe excellent, if you get it! It sounds like someone needs to visit this man as a representitive of the people who are waiting and sound him out. See if he's still there, still producing and intending to honour his commitments. I know in the States, everywhere is miles away from anyone, here its different, nobody's that far away to have someone drop in on them. Good luck and I hope this matter resolves itself with the minimum of fuss. All the very best
Mark Sibley


I along with Ron paid for our exhaust systems about 11 months ago. Sometime in the summer I received the primary tubes. This past week I received the heat shield. I have tried to call George but he hasn't taken my calls or returned my calls. However as mentioned above the work is first class, but I am wondering if I will ever receive the rest of the system which is the collectors on back.


To set the record straight, my company, Blue Oval Performance Products, LLC. will not use or copy any other manufacturer's product(s) without their written consent/approval. I assure Robert Logan of Roaring Forties that none of his proprietary parts will be installed on any of Blue Oval Performance Products vehicles/kits or resold as individual components w/o his written consent. If anyone has any further questions please feel free to e-mail me or phone me @ 614-539-7695. We apoligize for any confusion or misunderstandings.

Best regards,
John Hester
George Cochrane called me a few weeks ago and we discussed the possibiity of his handing off his exhaust work to me. (I hope some of you have seen my posting regarding 180 degree exhaust under the For Sale sectin of the forum). At any rate, George certainly seemed like a straight guy, and shortly after our phone conversation, I received a box with a fabricated part in it from George, gratis. He just wanted me to have one, and there it was. Pretty generous guy.

I believe he would not be concerned in my commenting publicly on his interest in passing on the exhaust work to me, he told me he was getting more involved in a complex project and was getting close to having time for nothing else. I haven't heard from George since receiving the box, so I don't know what his status or plans are relative to handing exhaust work to me.

In the mean time, I have crossover exhaust available for certain engines and chassis configurations, and if I end up getting templates from George, will be able to supply exhaust for most configurations. I would be happy to call anyone who emails their phone number to me, as well as send photos of my exhaust to anyone who requests them. I've tried to post photos on this site, but to no avail.

Look up Gordon Good's posting on my exhaust for an second opinion if you like.

Hope I can help some of you.


Ron Earp

I wonder where that leaves people like myself, and a couple others, who haven't received their systems yet?

Do we just wait?

Do we buy a new one and send another $1600 into the void?

If you're taking on George's business are you also taking on his "bad debts"?

Just some questions worth asking.

On the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list There are two vacacies. Is it possible for you guys over there to nominate people for this.

Jim Rosenthal

The Ten Most Wanted list is oversubscribed with people trying to blow up the entire world and everyone in it. Shady mail-order car parts creeps will have to wait their turn in line...
I'm not planning on taking over George's business, or his debts, or his reputation, etc., etc. I just wanted to let some of you folks know that I may end up being the guy for exhaust, particularly if George contacts me again and asks me to handle any of his "future" orders. Again, please feel free to email me directly with any questions/comments that might be specific to your needs. I don't get to the forum as often as I'd like, but do check my email once or twice a day. Thnaks and Good Luck!
Oh, by the way, Ron, sending me payment would not be sending it into the void, particularly because I won't accept paymemt until I can ship a system. There absolutely will not be any more than 5-7 days between payent receipt and exhaust system receipt.