possibly the sickest engine/tran package for an SLC ??

Les, what I was referring to with the " in the end you have to be able to sell them" was that the original SLC concept that envisioned using a transverse front engine type engine /gearbox package mounted in the mid engine location. As far as I know Fran built one as a proof of concept but never really pursued the design. He and I had discussed it using a Audi A4 power train back then as well as a Acura system as well. That had to be more than 15 years ago I would think.

He changed focus and the current SLC is the result. I think you will agree that everyone benefited from that with what, a couple of hundred sold? If Fran has done one thing he has produced products that customers want to buy and at a price point that makes that possible. Good ol American capitalism is alive and well in Detroit.

A high output 4 banger and max attention to weight saving would be a very interesting track car design if it saved 200-300 or more pounds from a V8 (same power) version. But in the end of the mental exercise I had on the subject I concluded that a big torque V8 would be easier to drive on a track for most of us fat old men. I know I was right as far as my car went on this one. By the way I have a 450HP 5 speed SLC on ZO6 size Hoosiers that I believe will forever be faster that I can drive it for what it's worth.
Ah! "(I)n the end you have to be able to sell them" means FRAN needs to sell SLC's. Got it! Yes, he must sell them, and I am so glad he did, and that he has!

As it is, the SLC saves a lot of weight over a Corvette or a Camaro. I'll just keep in mind your idea of "(a) high output 4 banger and max attention to weight saving . . . " Thanks so much! :)

Howard Jones

I want to be sure I am clear. IMHO the small 4 banger idea could be effective if the total power package (turbo, intercoolers, plumbing electronics etc. could be built at a weight approximately 200 -300 pounds LIGHTER than the same output V8. That just might get you down to 2000 pounds for the car. After all if it's not all in significantly lighter then why bother. My track version SLC with the SBC in it is pretty close to 2600 pounds more or less. 2400 would be better but not $25 - 30K better. This does allow for some tuning expense but that would be a one time first time right tuner.

I did a study on a RCR 917 with a NA 6 cylinder Porsche @ 430-450 HP. The cost would make you eyes water. AND you ended up with a full on racing engine. Race gas, constant and frequent engine refreshing and at least 5 times the cost of a 450HP SBC . Annualized total track costs for the year nearly doubled and that's if you kept it down to 5-6 weekends a year AND didn't amortize the original engine cost difference AND it didn't BREAK!. Why NA you ask? Because the turbo Porsche came in a bit less money but only about 100 pounds less that the aluminum everything except block SBC.

My advice (free) is to put a 530 HP LS3 GM crate motor in it and spend the savings on a second set of wheels and Hoosiers.

In the end it's your car and dollars so do what makes you happy. I think it would be good and a lot more fun, if you did so with eyes wide open. Don't forget to factor in resale. The little 4 banger will never be worth what a V8 car would be all, else being similar.
A flat 6 N/A Porsche would be awesome and would seem to fit the character of the car well. I‘ve never personally liked the sound of a SBC V8 paired with a light weight mid engine car. I feel like it needs something that’s higher revving, which is partly what interested me about the SB4.

I currently have a 991.2 GT3RS with Dundon headers and loud muffler and the engine sound is just amazing. No race gas required and very reliable. However, IIRC that engine alone is around $70k....gulp.



"I feel like it needs something that’s higher revving, ..."

A small-block V8 Chevy will turn 8,000+ RPM if you build it to do that.
I'm kinda partial to the motors out of Italy. This twin turbo V8 from the current Ferrari 488 is going to be incredible in the 40...
Lovely choice but at what cost? To get that engine you would pay more than the kit. But it would be wonderful.