possibly the sickest engine/tran package for an SLC ??

While the black wing is cool, it is easy to make that kind of power with a small block v8. And much simpler and cheaper too. But it could be cool if it could be boosted up to 700 hp
Here is more information on the 418-horsepower,, 2-liter 4-cylinder from Mercedes Benz. Text is here, link is at the bottom.

"Road & Track
How Mercedes-AMG Made the Most Powerful Production Four-Cylinder Ever
"The 2.0-liter M 139 engine cranks out 416 horses and 369 lb-ft, thanks to some old-fashioned hot-rodding tricks.
"By Bob Sorokanich
"Jun 7, 2019

"Four hundred and sixteen horsepower from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder. That's 208 hp per liter—a whopping 104 horses per cylinder. That's what AMG has squeezed out of the M 139 engine, the little turbo four that will power the next-generation Mercedes-AMG A45, along with the CLA45 and GLA45.

"So how did AMG manage to make the most powerful production-car four-cylinder ever? In a press release, the automaker details all the changes that went into this next-generation engine, and for the most part, it's all old-school hot-rodding tricks.

"The new M 139 is a development of a previous engine, the 376-hp M 133 that previously held the title of most powerful production four-cylinder. The new version is available in two flavors: a 382-hp, 354-lb-ft base version, and the 416-hp, 369-lb-ft "S" trim.

"In order to make this power, AMG switched the intake and exhaust routing. The new transversely-mounted engine has its intake facing front, with the exhaust manifold and turbo nestled against the firewall. This allows for a straighter, less restrictive intake path, and shortens both the intake and exhaust runners.

"AMG also crammed bigger exhaust valves into the cylinder heads, repositioning and angling the fuel injectors to make room for larger exhaust ports. This is also the first AMG four-cylinder with both port and direct fuel injection.

"Dozens of smaller improvements contribute to the increased output. Roller-bearing turbos, a closed-deck engine block and aluminum crankcase, Nanoslide-coated cylinder bores, and an improved cooling system with an electric water pump all round out the package. And with the M 139, AMG has gone back to its "one man, one engine" assembly method, where each powerplant is assembled from start to finish by a single technician. We can't wait to see what it's like to drive.

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@gt40fran Mercedes Benz is installing these engines in their cars transversely. What if we installed the engine/transmission combination into the SL-C transversely as well? Would there be weight and balance concerns? Any other concerns? Of course, it would need to fit.
The original concept for the SLC featured a transverse engine layout. I'll bet Fran still has that chassis stuffed away somewhere. Bust out your wallet and call him up!

Howard Jones

The original first "SLC" type of idea that Fran had was a transverse arrangement. Way back when I even talked to him about a complete Audi 1.8T TT package kind of setup. The weight distribution would have been near perfect with the engine in sideways and the gearbox located right behind it. I think the total package for a 2ish litter 4 banger transverse gearbox would be near 200 pounds lighter than a LS/ 6 speed transaxle. A foot or more less in length also. This would reduce the overall mass of the car as well and maybe we could get down to that magical 1 ton weight target.

Generally here is what the engine and gearbox would look like. The head is crossflow so in amid engine layout the hot parts, header, turbo and exhaust would be behind the engine and the intake track in front against the firewall.

But in the end you have to sell them and most people who want to build one of these kind of car wants a V8 or better.