Problem adjusting headlights on my SPF

I recently failed the IVA test because the headlights were set too high.

So I got to my mechanics, we took the plexi covers of and tried to adjust them, but all the turning on the adjustment screws would do nada.

So off came the nose shell, we removed the access panels behind the headlights and removed the headlights. On inspection, we figured out that when the fastening screws, attaching the nheadlight units to the brackets, are tightened from behind, the whole headlight unit is actually pressed against the fibreglass shell and can‘t move anywhere.

Has anyone had this problem and an idea for an easy fix? I thought about putting some spacers between the brackets and the headlights to move the whole unit back into the cavity and allow for adjustment.
IF YOU HAVE A NICE CONTROLLER, to pass mine at the technical control in France, like you, the headlights were too high, I simply opened the hood to lower the headlights and validate the test


Mortified GT
There are 4 screws, one each corner onto the light backplate. Adjust accordingly to get light beam within spec.
There are 4 screws, one each corner onto the light backplate. Adjust accordingly to get light beam within spec.

The problem is that, when the screws that attach the mounting frame to the brackets bonded to the car, are tightened, the light unit is pressed against the cutout in the fiberglas shell.

The only idea I can come up with is to use some kind of spacers between bracket and mounting frame to move the whole unit backwards / inboard, so there is some play between the light unit and the shell to allow for adjustement.


Mortified GT
Can you lower the suspension for the lights to fit height or are you then below the 500mm minimum bottom of lens to ground requirement.
Just shim to suit I guess. Bit fiddly though.



Which headlights do you have?
These are old Escort twin cam ones

My SEV Marchal lights have slightly different tabs, but I’m sure you can find a solution.
Perhaps Le Mans Coupes have the bits you need.


Howard Jones

When I took my gt40 to the brake and light inspection in California to register the car the guy says, "The lights are too low". I asked him "How much too low" and he said, "About a 1/2 inch". I say "You got a jack". He says "You can't do that to raise the car". I say "I'm going to put the rear tires on the front and the front tires on the rear and you can re-measure", He says. "never mind" and signed it off..........