1. 5

    Le Mans Classic 2018

    Anybody have a line on which and how many original GT40s (or cars pretending to be original) will be racing this year? Will there be a paddock for GT40 street cars? Hope to see some of you there! :thumbsup:
  2. R

    GTD40 for sale **SOLD**

    1986 GTD40 registered for the road September 2001 5300 miles on the clock Ford Torreador Red MOT until June 2019 Engine: Ford 350 Cleveland manufactured September 1973 in Broadmeadows plant, Australia Head: Iron 2V closed chamber quench heads Stainless steel valves Hardened seats...
  3. A

    The Wellingtonian

    Hi there, I'm Andrew from Wellington, I've been lurking and reading the builds here for many years and are finally are in a position to begin a build of my own. I've been into drag racing, quad racing, mx, hill climbs, fishing, diving, beer, built an alu boat, and now its time for a new...
  4. A

    ***SOLD FORD GT40 GELSCOE 1969 specs ***SOLD

    FORD GT40 Gelscoe chassis Gel W003 This GT40 was professionally built in England by renowned company Gelscoe Motorsport in 2010 and raced in the master Historic Championship until the end of 2014. This incredible GT40 was built as a tool room "clone" of the famous GT40 chassis P/1076 and...
  5. YerDugliness

    Looks like H&M MkIIs have approval for European racing

    This info copied from the H&M website today (1/18/2018): | Holman & Moody Mark II | "Now with FIA Chassis type approval our new Mark IIs are being sold with FIA vintage passports for racing in Europe." That oughta start a new brawl! Nothing said about Mark Is... Cheers! Doug
  6. P

    Gt40 p/2000

    HELLO I am French and excuse my English I use a translator, about a year ago I had to buy the GT40 Superformance of Dave Hood and at the time of finalizing the transaction he decided to no longer sell it, I understand it better now that I have mine, I quickly found a replacement Superformance...
  7. C

    FS USA Chrome Bullet Mirrors

    Chrome Bullet Mirrors (SOLD) I went through mirror OCD during my build and purchased a few different styles till I settled on what I wanted. Some were returned, others stuck around. Here are two of the Pegasus Auto Racing Chrome Bullet Mirrors up for sale, still new, never mounted. From the...
  8. M

    Skip Barber Racing School bankrupt

    selling everything here: Proxibid Mobile: Item List
  9. J

    New SL-C runs Road America

    We gave Ted Harrison at Quick Racing Products a recipe to build usa new race only SL-C. And what a job Ted and Don did. We specified: Schwartz performance 670 HP LS7 tuned by Nils at Castillo Motorsports Tilton 7-1/4 triple metallic clutch w/ hyd release bearing custom flywheel(Aasco...
  10. KurtGT

    Its Timeto Go Vintage Racing...

    Gents- I think many of you know I love motorsports racing... And that I've been competing in SCCA Spec Miata for the last few years (a GREAT series, where some of the best drivers in SCCA go to race) But also as you know, my true love is Vintage Race cars/racing... Therefore, the time has come...
  11. W

    Devon Racing Engines Chris Smith

    Hi All, Does anyone have experience of Devon Racing Engines and or Chris Smith engine builders? I think but am not sure he used to supply engines to MDA GT40 and Mark Sibley. Many thanks Tom
  12. D

    Mazda and Joest

    Joest Racing and Mazda are back in the fray.
  13. J

    Can Am cars at Long Beach Grand Prix

    Well it's taken me a while to start this thread but here we are. What an exciting event and what a great way to get vintage racing into the forefront at a race that may not attract the typical crusty vintage racing fan. Since the Toyota Celebrity Race has been nixed, the organizers did the right...
  14. T

    New Debut

    Quick Racing Products would like to announce a new SLC to the racing scene. Team Quick Racing Products - Home | Facebook
  15. J

    Learning about GT 40 Racing

    Who can direct me to everything you wanted to know about GT40 models and sources? I am interested in purchasing a GT 40 for vintage racing. It could be in any condition - I'm willing to restore, but it needs some provenance. Any suggestions?
  16. R

    SLC center lock conversion kit ?

    i saw this and though it would be pretty dope for an SLC. i know the SLC uses 5th GEN Camaro SS brakes and would look damn nice. so my question is, what are the pros and cons to having a system like this on the slc, obvious they would be hard to steal, and a pain to change tires in the event...
  17. E

    Vinyl Gulf Racing

    Where can I find a complete set of gulf racing vinyl's? I have a gulf color GTD40, but it just does not look right without the vinyl livery! Please PM... Thank you, Matt USA, Oregon
  18. J

    Racing Replicas In Europe?

    I'm aware cars with Historic Technical Passports race under FIA rules in Europe. I also know there's chance for GT40 replica owners to track day their cars. However, I don't know of any series for non HTP replicas. If nothing exists, then does anyone think a European classic replica series...