Rapier SL-C Utube

Dave Lindemann

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VERY Nice! I believe Rapier is Billy's brand. Interesting that the wing tilts along with the rear clam shell. I guess I always expected the wing to be fixed and just the clam would tilt? The fit and finish on the car looks vey good.

Dave L
Knowing how Fox usually goes did they say it was a liberal socialist plot :p:?
HAHA, I like this game

Knowing how Fox usually goes did they lie about the car..

Knowing how Fox usually goes did they find some totally random person, tag their name as an expert, and use the Raiper as an example of why there is no Climate change occurring...

Sorry for thread divergence.

Craig Gillingham

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must have improved efficiency of labour hours (without a drop in commercial quality of course.) Or alternatively volume increases and purchasing power has been passed onto the consumer?
if you want the truth her it is - now ban me!!

form another forum:

Well now, the key in all that is "Superlite Coupe" which is made by RCR cars in Detroit. Went and looked at one, as did NoLotus some time after me. I passed, and he passed as I recall. $180k ......... dont think so, know so. Fran who runs RCR was selling very rough "rollers" in the $40k region, so these guys from MASS, agree to buy so many, fit them out with decent interiors, LS engine package, possible FordGT or Grazziano boxes, and turn them around for what ........ $180k. Nope, not me. Good luck to them, but not for that kind of money for what your really getting. I'll stick with the fully engineered VXM thank you.

As a point of note too, we had a check on the table to buy one, and he couldn't produce a legitimate contract. We also offered to buy (10) rollers on the spot and after he couldnt produce a contract for even one, we walked. Plain and simple. True story.