RCR Visit

I was in town this week with a large group of automotive trainers so I arranged a tour and took a couple friends to visit. I'd been there before but didn't get a chance to meet Fran because he was on holiday. However he was in the house this week and gave us a grand tour. All I can say is Fran is really busy. There is so much happening in the shop with some unique projects and a whole grid of Aero's. A white SL-C and a gulf blue GT-40 were staged at the door for pickup the morning we were there (Tuesday). I was anxious to see the Aero and wasn't disappointed. What a great engineered incredible value it offers! We were blown away at the quality of the product but more impressed with Fran. Thanks Fran. I will be back...


Nice looking wheel color even though I didn't notice the difference between the front and the back. Good luck with your build.
If under regular lighting, they match better but in the sun or in my shop it's night/day difference. Thanks for the picture, I have it saved, just wished I'd saw it sooner, lol. I also wished I'd made a trip up there to visit like you did. ;)

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Gotta love that XJ13, too!!!