rearview mirror

why is the rearview mirror on MK1 offset slightly to the left? Numerous race photos show the location is not center line, I can only assume it helps the view as the carb's block the view significantly.

Chris Kouba

Also helps the driver's field of view out the front. Mine is offset slightly to the passenger side (on purpose). You are very centrally seated in these cars.

Rob Klein

This should give you an idea


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thank you and as we all know, no 2 cars are alike and thus I bet the placement on every race car was different based on the driver. Gurney likely had the thing thrown away, but short slow dudes like me had like 10 of them all over the place.....
Agree, no two race cars are alike.

GT103 had what looks like a Lucas 608 mounted directly to the windscreen.
GT104 has a more rectangular mirror, maybe a Lucas 584 or a 521, which is mounted on a stalk coming down from the roof.

I tried to get my mirror element re chromed and polished. Didn't come out to my satisfaction, so I had a mirror glass from a 1 series BMW cut down to fit the Lucas back.