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I have the dates for NSW but will have to wait for Ross to get back from NZ for the Victorian dates.

I will be at Phillip Island on November 21 / 22 and would dearly love to make it to a round at Sandown.

It would be great to have the support.... any support.... especially during the winter months when multiple wheel changes are the order of the day !


Iain could you give the NSW dates please I would love to slip down to Eastern Creek for the day when you are competing, maybe some of the Sydney cars could show up for support as well.
I now have a finnished photo of my rear vent on the DRB manufactures corner.

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Hi Iain,

Just checked my dates and I'll be at Calder for a round of the Marques Sports Car Association sprint series on 22 Nov. Let us know when you have dates for Sandown or even Winton?
I am sure we can round up a reasonable number of GT40's to support you.

Andrew E
Hey Darrell (and Sydneysiders):
the first round of Production Sportscar State Champ's is at Eastern Creek on march 21/22.
I'll be running the Lotus and attempting to keep Iain in sight as he dissappears down the main straight.

Rd2: aprill 18/19 at Wakefield Park
Rd3: may 30/31 at Oran Park
Tim, thanks i will try to get to one of these events, will get back to you soon. Eastern Creek would be my preferance but i may be working that weekend.

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Sorry, that list was not complete:
Rnd 1: march 21/22 at Eastern Creek
Rnd 2: april 18/19 at Wakefield Park
Rnd 3: may 30/31 at Oran Park
Enduro 1: june 21/22 at Eastern Creek (1-hour enduro)
Rd 4: july 4/5 at Eastern Creek
Enduro 2: august 8/9 at Morgan Park QLD (1-hour enduro)
Rnd 5: sept 12/13 at Wakefield Park
Rnd6 + Enduro3: 31oct/1nov at Oran Park (1-hour enduro)
Enduro 4: nov 21/22 at Phillip Island (1-hour enduro)

With the demise of Careera Cup for '09, we might have a few more VW's to pick on....
Hi Tim,

Is your car ready for the season ? We are still making modifications to the rear clip to accomodate larger rear tyres. They were getting fried by comparison to the fronts. Temperatures in the cockpit are also a problem, but a great way to loose a couple of Christmas Kilos !

Not sure how the Carrera Cup thing is going to affect us, the 997s are not allowed to run any where other than Carrera Cup which, given that the series has collapsed, (again) is a bit of a conundrum, the 996s are eligible but mostly they seem to be concentrating on the Porsche Cup that is with the GT series.

We had a Mosler in the workshop last month, the whole tub was a one peice, vacuum formed Carbon Fibre construction very very nice

Hi Tim,

Is your car ready for the season ?

We rolled the Lotus out of the truck after EC last year and put in on the hoist......It's still on the hoist with passenger rear end pulled off from where PW hit me at EC. It's covered in dust!

We've been busy with work (a good thing for a manufacturer!). Dave & I prep the car ourselves, so work takes priority.
Not much to do other than new drive shafts for new year, and give it a wash..... looking forward to a good year now your car is done, Nick in the F430 is quick, and a few other Honda Lotus's out there too.
Hi Iain

I was wondering whether you will be competing this weekend at Eastern Creek? I was planning on coming out to watch.
Are any other forum members interested in coming out? I think we should make an effort if Iain (and Tim) are racing.

Stuart I am concidering going to Eastern Creek this Sunday, dont know if i will go in the DRB or daily driver, love to have a look over Iains car if he does not mind.

I'll be going to support Ian and Tim on the weekend. I'll be going in the daily drive as I'm taking my youg son to see racing. Sorry no baby seats in the 40.
Not sure what day yet.

Sorry to report that we have had a mechanical issue that will preclude us from running this week end Grrrrrrrrrrrr
Iain hope your problem is not to big i will hold of going down to June.
Tim hpoe you have a good weekend, give it to those big engined cars for me. I used to run an under 2ltr sports sedan there and hated the main straight.

Hi Darrel,
It was very sad to see Iains Gt40 go home on friday. We are all looking forward to racing with it.
The main straight is not such an issue, even though we only have 2litres. I passed a 996 Cup Car yesterday afternoon, down the mian straight. very satisfying in a Lotus!! The GT2, on the other hand .... it's not so quick on the twisty bits though.

weekend results her: look under Production Sportscars

NATSOFT Race Result
Iain, sincere apologies for drifting your superb build thread!
Bill, thanks, all well this end. Hope the same applies for you.

I have started a new thread in "the race track" - Porduction Sports Car racing in Sydney Australia. I've post a video of trophy race.
I'll keep it updated with results throughout the year.

Bill Hara

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Sorry 'bout the drift Iain.
I hope you plan on bringing that beast down to Melbourne for some racing. It would be great to see a GT40 kick the crap out of the GT3's/Ferrari's and Lambos!
All the best and hope it is on the track again soon.
(Thanks Tim, I'll be keeping an eye on your thread)


Bill Hara

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That was not a sleight on Ross by any means, but by all reports Iain's car is vastly different from Ross' and capable of competing in an open National category. Ross does amazingly well considering he develops the car himself and it is a true testament to his abilities that he is so competative against the P, F & L cars.