Roaring Forties Saga 1/2 Million USD Gone - Final Report?

Hi Ian yep its nut and bolt a copy of the 67-F1, i must admit to taking inspiration from your car to build the Brabham, but that was all. mr logan has been to see me trying to pinch ideas etc but fortunately i had no cars in the shed at the time, and my memory was a bit vague as well, lol.
BTW he did tel me he tried to buy the design off you but his story was you wanted to much for it, so he decided to just rip you off instead.
i am watching it locally with interest so will keep you all informed if you wish.
cheers John
he generously offered to pay me absolutely nothing up front and then an amount per car as and when he sold any - not the most generous offer I've ever received and given his well known lack of business ethics / commercial abilities I chose to decline :) here is a copy of my final email to him feb 2014 which he obviously read as ' please feel free to just rip off my design and do whatever you want '


Simply not interested in ongoing royalty based arrangements - if you're serious about this then it shouldn't come as a surprise that I might want to be paid something for granting you sales rights to a product that has a significant investment in both time and money , otherwise its little more than an exercise in trust / potential plagiarism from afar once the first car is delivered .

Might sound harsh but as a design based company I have a great deal of experience of others that seem to consider someone else's work as free reign to copy / slightly modify and call their own , its unfortunate but nonetheless true .

If you want to make a serious business proposition then I will give you as much help and support as I can , but sending out product for you to copy and reproduce on the basis that you might then pay an amount per car sold doesn't exactly fill me with warm thoughts :)

Best regards