Roundel lights

Brian Stewart
I'm at the stage where I am thinking about how many and where I should put these. The ones to illuminate the roundels make sense, and I see original cars with one or sometimes two to do this. However, does anyone have any idea why additional lights are situated further back on the side of the rear clip? The lower one on XGT-2 might illuminate the Hartwell latch, but why the top one on it and on 1046?


Dave Collins


My theory on the two lights on rear clip is that they must have given some minimal illumination when changing drivers as there is nothing much they could illuminate as they were fitted in roughly similar positions on all 8 Mk11 at Le Mans. Main differences appear to be that the Holman Moody cars had 2 lights illuminating each door roundel rather than single ones on the Shelby and Alan Mann cars (which were prepared at Shelby premises as well).

Your car looks great you must be very pleased.

Roundel lights would be a great feature to have I am also considering installing some on my car. Question for me, how were they switched? Are they wired to the headlight circuit or to a separate switch on the dashboard? Does any one have any info on this?


i have a Daytona Coupe CSX and there is a separate switch in the Dashboard, which you can switch the roundel lights.
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