Scalextric/Slot cars

I’ve just started to get into these as having four young Grandchildren, I thought it best to start them early (to make sure they aren’t waylaid by frivolous pursuits like Football)
I’ve decided to build an 8 x 4 board with as much track as I can fit on it. Anybody else on here got a layout?

Joel K

I had a bunch of them when my kids were young. My son loved those cars. It’s really nice they offer such a variety of liveries and racing classes and cars. Enjoy!

One thing I did was convert a heavy duty Parma slot car controllers to work with the kit. I found the ones that came with the kit kept failing, but that was 20 years ago.

Chris Kouba

Turn to the dark side Simon!

Had plastic, built a routed, run non-mag cars in 1/24 and 1/32 scale; club race weekly, run regional races including an annual 24h race in Tacoma on 6 and 8 lane tracks. GREAT FUN and I'm WAY too much into it...

If you're thinking about it and at least reasonably competent with hand/power tools, building a routed track isn't terribly complicated. If you can build a table, you can make the track!