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Nice cage.

Are you planning on racing it? If so, what class?
Planning on running but rarely, in ITE or Super Production in SCCA but primarily in VARA in GTO or whatever class they allow. VARA has been very welcoming in this area. Also the occasional track day with the Reno Region. If the Mitty ever has a Ford marque day then I might make the tow to Road Atlanta. I want to get comfortable with the car first as it probably will be much more difficult to drive than my 240Z due to both greater power and smaller moment of inertia.
Just got my SCCA log book for class ITE last Friday. Unfortunately, on Saturday, I hit 104.8 db where 102.9 db is the max. So I had to park it. Anyone have any ideas what mufflers might do the trick as the Superformance ones just don’t cut it.


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Congratulations Larry! I was hoping to hear how that went for you (Log-book / race)….
I think the most effective silencers are going to be the steel wool / fiberglass packed chambered mufflers - I have seen people also add the SuperTrapp disc mufflers to the tips of the tailpipes. Must use a shield, however, to keep the blast from being drawn up to the bodywork of the rear clip.
Kudos again!!!


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Great to see it finally finished and on track! On the Pantera I used inserts (spirals and vortex cones) with two angle tips pointed away from the sound meter to ensure I was below the 103dB at Thunderhill. It might have been overkill, but I never got pinged and I haven't been back (engine rebuild) to test further with removing one part at a time.