Scotland Tornado

Here is the start of my build log for anyone that might be interested (started around 3 weeks ago but have been slow to start a log). I bought a Basic Kit package from Tornado along with the aluminium panels, LSD gearbox, suspension and shocks, steering system, cooling pipes, fuel tanks and glasswork . I arranged delivery to Scotland, which went slightly pear shaped as the shipper let me down a bit, but that’s another story! Nevertheless, when they did arrive to collect, Andy was very helpful and made sure that it was loaded and secured safely for transport. Everything did arrive safely (eventually) and with only a minor damage on the two corners of the front panels, nothing that cant be easily fixed during body preparation. A few photos attached.


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Progress looks great so far. I love the garage, although being constantly watched by the bloke in the Hi-Viz might put me off! ;)
Looking good Ian. Nice size garage. Carpet is a real bonus in the winter, trust me!
Keep us updated.
The 'fella' with the high viz in the photo is a scarecrow that I built to keep the birds away from the fish. It didnt work, so he's been pensioned off to sit in the garage!? Now that the kids have given him a name, I'm not allowed to dismantle!! When is guy fawkes night again.....
Hi Ian,
congratulations on your purchase and build. Plenty of space is a real bonus when building these cars. I look forward to your updates.

Keep up the good work
I want your garage! Good luck with your build, will be keeping an eye on it as im looking at getting the same kind of kit and bits from tornado.
A couple of photos of this weekends work plus a question for anyone that might be able to offer advise...

I need to fit the battery box at the rear nearside but the rollover bar plate partially obstructs where the box will go, albeit not by much (overhang into the battery box is about 2in x 2in). I will fabricate a battery box in panel but can anyone tell me whether the battery will easily slip under this overhang when I come to install it later.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Ian
the easiest way is to mock-up a battery out of cardboard etc and work out the best compromise. A 470Ah battery dimensions are 240x175x180mm deep. Measurements courtesy of Halfords as I had to do excactly the same!
Welcome to the world of building a GT40.

There are several of us building new or second owner Tornado's on this forum including Bryn, Andy Green and me [KarlB] ........if your stuck or need ideas post to one of us or Andy @ Tornado

Make sure you have visited Andy G & Bryns build sites + gone back through build pages to find Paul Waltons build diary from a few years ago sionce you will be able to see a complete build from start to finish.

Cheers & happy building :thumbsup:

Building replica of 1036
A bit more progress, front wheel arches now completed.


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Hi Ian,
Your build looking good. Don’t be in a rush to finally rivet all the panels in place. I found that there’s been lots of little jobs I’ve had to do that would have been a complete nightmare if all the panels had been finally fixed.

Also have you considered paneling in the rest of the footwell. It looks better aesthetically and as it is effectively a double skin, it then be stuffed with dampening material to reduce the tyre/road noise

Thanks. I had planned to rivet in the cockpit side panels, the front footwell panel, and the rear panel only at this time. I had a feeling if I riveted too much it would cause me grief later!

I must admit I was thinking about panelling the front inner cockpit sections as well, but wasnt sure whether this would conflict with anything else that has to be added later. What did you do with the small gaps in the front arche panels that would otherwise let in water (not that it rains much in Scotland..not).

I was also thinking about panelling the engine bay section behind the cockpit rear panel just to hide the rear chassis and neaten it off (below where the engine sits). Does this conflict with anything?

Hi Ian

Inner Panels: these can be fabricated now and fitted later once you worked out where everything goes. What are the small gaps are you concerned about?

Engine bay paneling: you’ll have to work out where the gearshift mechanism comes through and ensure that you have sufficient clearance for the starter motor. I plan on hiding the brake pipes and as much of the electrical harness behind the paneling. You could move the battery to the same side as the starter to minimise the current drop in the cable.

They're not large, but there are very small gaps between the panels where they fit over upper and lower wishbone points. Although small, with any water runoff the tyres at speed, it is probably enough to come through. Is this a 'fill' with sealant solution?