Scotland Tornado

Made up a battery box this weekend, riveted in the rear section, and started fitting the front upper and lower panels...


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Started fitting removable inner panels for the front footwell area and an outer panel between the cockpit and fuel tank. Also started on the rear suspension...........


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Hi Ian,
You’re making good progress on the paneling. As part of the interior paneling, you will need to consider how to close in the area where the fuel filler pipe comes up from the sill to the fuel filler cap. This area will have to be sealed for the IVA test.

Also if you are double skinning the inner sills, remember you may need access to the mountings for the gear lever (mine is different in this area and I can’t remember if the standard chassis has captive bolts)

Bit more progress.......panelling almost complete with some panels left un-rivetted to make life easier later. Plan to start completing suspension, steering and cooling system next.


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Main cooling pipes fitted, steering column fitted and front suspension fitted (almost). Fuel tanks back in. Put the lid back on so its starting to look more like a car (than a boat, re my wife!!)....


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Its been a while since I last updated my build log. The snow started on 17th December and only just recently went! Lost my motivation to work in the garage in the long dark nights even with the heater on full blast. Now with spring in the air, have started again with vigour. I now have the car up and running on its own suspension and the temporary wheels and steering are aligned The radiator is in as are the servos (had to remove a panel to fit the near side, but that was my fault for not forward thinking!). I also wrapped the centre cooling pipes in heat wrap to hopefully eliminate some of the heat in the cockpit.

Next job is to start lining the cockpit area inner skins with some insulation (using something very similar to Dynamat but without the high price tag) then will start on the hydraulics and brakes once the side panels are rivetted in. A few photos below showing current progress (and the missing front panel, doh!).


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Crikey! It's a Mini Moke! :stunned:

You must love your wife dearly, 'cos a few degrees of permafrost never dissuaded me from all things automotive.

But there again. it's probably why I've been married three times. :cry:
Thats looking great Ian.

I know what you mean about the weather this winter and we haven't had it half as bad as you have.

Any thoughts on an engine?
British Summer Time officially started last week, so this week the snow came; again!! Couldn't get to work today as there were cars and jack knifed lorries all over the place due to the deep drifts. Managed to find some time to line the work anyway.


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Have now fitted the brake servos and almost complete on the brake and clutch piping.


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Thanks, I have watched your build progress and its looking good also. My car wont be complete till next year, but that’s fine with me as I'm in no rush. The enjoyment is in the build and I think if I finish it too soon it'll be a case of, OK what next?
It is good to see a few Tornados concurrently being built as it helps to see what someone else is doing .
Finished running the brake cables and the servo vacuum hoses. Put the side panel back on and made up a cover to accomodate the near side servo which protrudes slightly outside the frame. Also fitted the radiator and made the connections to the cooling pipes. Fitted the accelerator cable and ran the cable back to the engine. Ran the accelerator cable and the servo hoses through the centre tunnel. I'll get hold of some P-clips and secure these to the tunnel wall. Also fitted the handbrake but havent yet made the cables connections to the brakes. Finally riveted in the top panel and put in some angle to neaten up the edges.


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Your obviously making great progress and your workmanship looks excellent. Just one thing the brake pipes along the cabin could be vulnerable to being knocked and potentially damaged, will you be covering them? I thought about running mine in the same place but opted to run then down the sill side if that panel.
Keep up the good work and keep posting pictures.

Regards Martin.
Martin, thanks. A cover is fitted on the drivers side that covers the gear linkage and the brake pipes that run on that side. I am also fitting inner panels at the front and the brake piping is run behind them and within the chassis as far as possible so they wont be knocked.