Scratch build MK IV

Joel K

Impressive, I wish someone could tell us how to rotate our pictures we load! Anyone?
This works for me. On my iphone if the picture loads on gt40s sideways. I edit the pic on the phone. rotate it once then save it. then edit it again and rotate it again(3 times) till straight then save. Now when you upload to gt40s it should be good.

Paul Hendrickx

Very sturdy build... dont bang with that in the back of a modern vehicle , you will go straight through ... and ending up at the air filter.....

quality job....


Do any of you have any pictures of the inside of the hood and tailgate.
I'm thinking about how I want to attach these to my frame.
I have several pictures of the frame itself, but none of the inside of the GFK parts.
Looks like i know what im asking santa for, for christmas!!! That is a great use of that router. And your fit up is superb. Hey what size tubing are you using and is it 4130?