SLC 24 Howard Jones

I think that engine is called "Voodoo".
They were having some oil related issues out there, with one making a large deposit in turn 9, of which Howard promptly went pirouetting in.

Howard Jones

It's been awhile. The last installment ended with a melted throttle cable at Willow Springs, I called California Push Pull and Talked to the guy who does product development among other things and he suggested that I use a different cable than what I had been using. It is a different product and it has a 40 degree F higher rating (+350F) than the cable I had before. He told me that what had happened to the low friction cable that was installed and melted was the inter Teflon sleeve that is used to provide extremely low friction to the steel cable overheated. This causes it to shrink much like heat shrink tubing causing the cable to seize.

The new stuff uses a flat wound stainless outer sheath and a stainless center wire that is nearly as good from a low fiction system perspective but is better suited to high temperatures and marine use. The outer covering will melt at its rated temp but until it flows into the center cable sheath it usually won't seize. It's pretty much the same cost being about 10 bucks more for the custom cable I needed.

Then I went max insulation on the cable. Two layers of fiberglass cable insulation and two more layers of reflective outer sleeve. The two inter sleeves are first the 1/2 inch ID that was then covered with the 3/4 ID doubling the inter sleeve thickness. Then I slipped them both into a 1 1/4 ID reflective sleeve and coved it all with another 2 inch ID reflective sleeve.

Here is the stuff:

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