Slc how does it stack up against the super cars of the world

Did a little comparison of 3 other cars vs. the slc. Now the stats on the slc are based on the ls3 505 hp motor. So it was underpowered V.s. the super cars. But did fairly well. Amazing on what the slc can do. Imagine putting the lt 5 in place of the ls3. Like I’m doing. Those cars are toast. Here is the spec chart I loaded it as a jpeg. You can do this with any car in production. Even with other kit cars.



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Where are you getting the performance numbers from for the SL-C? I'm not really buying the 1/4 mile time. I never took mine to the strip, but traction is a real problem. I would not have wanted to race a ZR-1.
Hi Pete.
I got them from a site. The data is incomplete on a couple of fields gues it wasn’t available.
The site is Based on the weight of the slc and the ls3 engine. It seems accurate now factor in a driver I gues the data can go up or down. There is no launch system. . Or abs stability control or even traction control Just you and the car. I’m going to add traction control to my build. Because I know my power train will need it.

Joel K


Check this video out, multiple drag strip runs of a twin turbo SLC, not sure if this is a quarter mile but you can see how it stacks up against various cars.

Nice video Joel. Think the driver of the slc needs. 1 traction control because he’s rolling the gas to long. And 2. 1/4 mile drag lessons. He not launching the car right. With that power plant he should be hitting 190 plus easy.
Nah. Should be to hard. With nearly 1000hptothe rear wheels sequential trans axel. Traction controls. The key is the shift. 6 speeds are fun to drive. But what takes a human nearly a second to shift. Time is being lost to a sequential paddle shifter.
Alan talked me out of a ls7 twin turbo I want to order. 1600hp 1500 lbs. tq. On pump gas. 93 octane. On race fuel. Add 300 to each number. After talking to Alan and Joel. I settled on a modified Lt 5. Which will be nearly 1000 hp to the rear wheel.
Cam. Those numbers in the spread sheet. Is basically your car. How rcr sells the kit. You add there recommend motor. Ls3. The 500 hp version. Graziano trans axel. And it didn’t do bad against those exotics.
Mario - I don’t know what my car weighs yet but I can assure you it’s much heavier than 2350lbs. Admittedly I put a lot of sound and heat blockers in the car, maybe more than typical.

Race prepped and completely stripped I think it would be possible to hit that number ... maybe ...

As far as shifting time, some would argue that shifting the box is half the fun of driving this car, I certainly enjoy rowing through the gears. Different strokes for different folks. You sound like you’re planning quite the car, I’m excited to see how it all turns out! Allan does great work!
Cam. I agree with you 100 percent. Shift is more than half the fun. That’s why I’m torn between the 2. Old school or technology. Truth be told. Love the looks of the car. Performance is only half the equation. Looks are the other. Half. That’s were my focus and a lot of my budget wil go. Paint. Interior. Custom made gauges. So the car looks like it’s oem. I would like to achieve the look of a pagani. And Bugatti Chiron. In the interior. Not sure it can be done. But I’m going to try. :D
Time I don’t have John. Money. I can do. That’s why the slc will be built Alan :D:D I would love nothing more than to build it but my business is to busy. And I’m opening a second business . That is car related. So there will be no time to build.
My Audi is paddle shifted, love the ability to keep both hands on the wheel when hustling down a winding road. My SLC has so much torque and power that you don't need to shift it nearly as much on the same road. For any high power OEM level fit, finish and interior SLC 2,300 lbs is a pipe dream.
Mesa. If cancan stay under 2800 lbs. I’ll be happy. Any weight I’m saving on full carbon fiber package I’ll be put back on with a full leather interiors. And electronics. But yes. 2300. For street use is.a pipe dream.
Mario - hah, funny you should mention this as it's a topic recently touched upon on the FB group, but don't bet on the carbon fiber options as being any kind of weight savings. Almost all the carbon fiber options are a fiberglass/carbon construction. My guess - the carbon piece is probably on par with the fiberglass equivalent. The only pieces that are 100% carbon construction are the carbon rear wing and aspire louvers/engine vents. That carbon wing is LIGHT.

Unless you mean you're doing a full carbon fiber body, in which case yeah - there's probably a LOT of weight savings to be had there.
Oh hell no. Cam. Full carbon body. Shit. At that point. With how I wanna have this built. I’m in aventador country. Lmao. I’ll take the body and the carbon fiber how it comes.