SLC Hubs/ race worthy

In addition, the C7 Corvettes come stock from the factory with X Tracker hubs. Perhaps from a price point this should be the model we aim for due to it being widely available.
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That document says the active sensors can be Hall or MR (magnetoresistive). I have no experience with MR. But many ECUs can handle Hall sensors. In any case, it probably is not too difficult to convert either sensor's signal to something usable.

I'm really thinking more about front hubs. It's way too easy to put wheels on the CV joints in the back if the hubs don't supply the signal you would like.
That rebuikdable option seems pricy for what it is - assuming that’s $1012 for a pair. But with rebuildable ones if you have to drill/tap for sensor ring it’s not a big deal as it’s a one time item.
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Are the C7/X tracker hubs able to withstand the lateral Gs the SLC is able to produce? Even with slicks I don’t think the C7 is able to generate the kind of lateral loads the SLC is capable of, especially with slicks.
A C7 with slicks will pull about 1.4 Gs and its 3400 lbs. and the bearings last a couple years. I think the SLC could go at least a year on these bearings.
Agile Motorsports has all the parts they use on there race car as a package and there pulling 2+g. They change bearings about every 60 hours. This is with the race uprights so I don't know if it will convert to the 4 bolt pattern.
There number is 14018773003

Howard Jones

I would love to see pictures or a link to the Agile setup, with the idea to get everything known about SLC wheel bearings and their related options her on this link.

What I hope to do is figure out the best way to upgrade the street suspension so that the bearings will be strong enough to use on a open track car on Hoosiers for a season at a minimum. Two would be plenty.

My season is 5-6 weekends, five 30 min sessions per day at about 10 quick laps per session. This translates to approximately 225-250 miles per day or 2500 miles per year. In elapsed time that would be about 25-30 hours a year.

The rest of the street suspension is very strong and the only weak link (for track use) is the bearings as I see it. The race setup really can't be used on a street car because it eliminates the dual use option that I prefer.

So I have a few irons in the fire. I will post only firm available results and give credit where due. I don't have any interest in making any money on this for myself but I can see where there is some to be made.
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Howard Jones

Cam, I think that the X Tracker bearing would be fine on a street car and would more than likely last many 1000s miles. It's the GM OEM on their ZR1 after all. If you are pulling 1.4-1.5G repeatedly for 30 mins at a time on the street you should stop'll poke you eye out kid.........

Cam don't get all worked up about this, we'll get there before you need the parts.
Lol no worries Howard - I’m not worked up at all. The topic of bearings and bearing life interest me greatly - I’ve actually studied this topic extensively.

With respect to my SLC - I believe the C4 hubs will do me just fine, it’s a 99% street car and whatever track miles it may see will be at 6/10th, if that.

Bearings have a very non-linear life; keep load forces below a certain point and you have infinite life. As you creep into the danger zone any incremental increase in loading results in an exponential decrease in life. Additionally if you damage your bearings then bring loads back down, you’re still hosed - even a microscopic area of damage on the raceway will lead to accelerated damage despite low loads.

Howard Jones

Does anybody have a C5-C6 hub in hand that they can take a measurement from? NOT C4.

I need mating face of upright to mating face of rotor. See picture


Do I remember correctly that there were different hubs provided by Fran in the earlier and later kits? It's so, will that affect the need for upgraded hubs?