SLC picture thread

The pictures of the Flat/Satin Black SLC were pulled from the "Queen of Wraps" facebook page (hopefully john b (Bodhii) and the Queen wont mind...). The Red SLC at Miller Motorsports Park pictures were pulled from the sites gallery (Again, hopefully john b (Bodhii) wont mind...). The individual images, inside of the below combo images, came from
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(Again, I do not own any of the individual, stand-alone, non-combination images/pictures, nor is any image/picture ownership implied. All image rights of the individual, stand-alone, non-combination images posted by me in this thread belong to the owners of the individual images themselves):

While it is great to see a variety of SLC pictures, posting pictures with the caveate "I hope they don't mind", is probably not the way to go. The better approach would be to ask them first.
Sounds very nice Ruth, thanks. Looking forward to the pics. I cut some big gaping holes in my spyder section. Doing the scoop enlargement thing. Talk about nervous.
I've been searching all over but no luck, has anyone done a DARK green SLC?

And to keep this on track, I found this via google:
I believe it's in Australia,, not 100%,, but it's also for sale too, I'd have to find the link.
Since it has the "Aussie" air filter intake and some rather Aussie looking "El Camino" type vehicle in the background I would agree. Kind of odd that it is a left hand drive though and it has an interesting "grill" black out paint treatment. I do like the straight twin stripes, would be nice to see more pictures of this car.
Kind of odd that it is a left hand drive though and it has an interesting "grill" black out paint treatment.
I thought the same thing. But I think the photo may have been reversed. If you look at the CarPoint logo in the upper left corner, you can see that the words are reversed.

I could be looking too hard also...

I love the car though. Especially the intake set up. Pretty nice.

My apologizes, I did invert some of them in my collection of SLC pictures, because I got tired of it being right hand drive. I do have a lot more of that car, I'll post them tomorrow.

Good catch MB, I forgot to "un-invert"