SLC Windshield

Fran Hall RCR

GT40s Sponsor
Windscreens are now three weeks out as quoted from our supplier last week.

We have been out of stock of extra for approx. six months but we have no control over when our OEM glass supplier fits us into their schedule...they have also had a change in company policy/ownership and new its frustrating for us as much as you guys.

We have hardcoated lexan instock btw.
The reason I was given why we can't use polycarbonate wasn't that it isn't safe, on the contrary it's actually too safe.
if the fire dept needs to break the windshield or side glass to get you out of the car incase of an accident they can't, polycarbonate won't break.
At PRI the company that makes the superlite lexan was demoing their scratch resistant coating. They had a half coated windshield and ran a wiper on it for days on end with the WIPER WRAPED WITH STEEL WOOL. The coated side looked good. The uncoated side was white.
I saw it, too!
Was so impressed, I kept the little square sample they were handing out. Figured it might come in handy - you know, for the Zombie apocalypse.
Grant when it comes to the front windshield we make a purchase point and cut the perimeter with a sawzal to remove it using a 7 tpi blade, Lexan takes a different saw with a different blade, lg rotary saw K-12 style......m