Smart Tech


Paul just rewired a good chunk of my car after its 14 years on the road. Superb job. Paul was within 50p of his estimated budget and was conscientious enough to do the job in the time frame stated. 100% success in all areas. Not many I know could match this!

Smart Tech get the thumbs up from me! Thanks Paul.
Hi Malcolm
It's probably since he's got that TOM TOM unit, it makes him so reliable, I bet your pleased as punch with the pricing as you probably hagled him down to a tenner for the whole days work.
I must admit he knows his stuff.


No haggle at all as Paul's prices are fair from the word go. It did go against the grain though, not to haggle! But he was 50p under budget, not over budget! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
Hi Paul
Re the loom - not as a complete assembly yet but once I do I will post details....

I should add that the loom I'm working on is being designed primarily as a replacement item for GTDs, but will no doubt be adaptable to other mfrs if required.
Hi Brett/Simon

As soon as I have further details - I will post. It is now very high on a long list of items that have been requested and fear not Brett, I have not forgotton the feed to doors for electric mirror ccts.