***SOLD FORD GT40 GELSCOE 1969 specs ***SOLD

FORD GT40 Gelscoe chassis Gel W003

This GT40 was professionally built in England by renowned company Gelscoe Motorsport in 2010 and raced in the master Historic Championship until the end of 2014.

This incredible GT40 was built as a tool room "clone" of the famous GT40 chassis P/1076 and more specifically the Gulf works car that came third at Le Mans in 1969. The attention to details is absolutely stunning and spectacular. This is the closest to the original car available.

Gelscoe Motorsport has built only three wide body 1968-1969 specs GT40 with the Gurney Eagle 302ci engine and this car is the last built. Moreover this car features the aluminium riveted roof. The engine is period correct as well as the ZF gearbox and many many other parts. Everything is correct to the last rivet.

The car has a FIA HTP racing passport and comes with two sets of wheels with Dunlop racing tires and one set of wheels with Avon wet tires. The engine is freshly serviced and shows 494 bhp at 6400rpm.

This GT40 is fully serviced and in immaculate condition. It is ready to be admired in a car collection or taken to the racetrack where its mind blowing performance will certainly please the most skilled racing drivers.

More informations, images and movies are available upon request.

Price: 900k USD or better offer


Kevin L

This car will keep me up at night.... looks just like the first racing icons rebuild I saw which solidified me as a GT40 lover.

Stunningly high price as well... I didn't realize that Gelscoe cars were quite that high.
Absolutely beautiful car Andy - stunning. Wow.

I understand the nature of the FIA HTP - this certifies the car complies to a period-correct specification, but does not convey any authenticity or statement upon originality. Good to hear the car qualified to race in the master Historic Championship.

One question - do you believe this car would qualify for historic racing in various venues in the US? Just curious as I know a couple people here in the US (specifically, Seattle, WA) interested in racing a GT40 in vintage racing. To say the least, it would be fantastic to see more GT40s participating in US vintage racing. It seems the numbers are diminishing as market values rise.....
Hi Cliff thanks for compliments on my car. It is really stunning in real.

As the car has a FIA HTP passport it can take part to the FIA Masters Historic Racing. The FIA Masters Historic Racing has a few races in the US and can be checked on their website. The Automobile Competition Committee of the United States ACCUS is the National Sporting Authority - ASN of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) for the United States and is the office that can better respond if this GT40 can take part to vintage racing in the US.

I agree with you that considering today's value of these original Gulf Team GT40's we won't see them anymore on the race track....

That's why this car is for sure a fantastic alternative!
Hi Kevin the GT40 is a fantastic car. Gelscoe are worldwide renowned specialist in the restoration of GT40's and "new" builds. They are the most expensive as they use original blueprints and period-correct engine, gearboxes and many other parts. The chassis is fully handmade in aluminium and is correct to the last rivet. The biggest part of GT40's racing at Goodwood are pre-65 specs Gelscoe cars.
Alloy Spider that rivets to tub/mono IIRC, chassis appears to be steel in these pics from Gelscoe site, I'm just going by the haz around spot & gas welds.


I think its only the three Alan Mann cars that had alloy tubs
According o Ronnie Spain book only car with alloy tub is GT110, the open top sports car. Alan Mann cars had alloy roof /spyder and firewall along with a lot of other weight reducing bits, BUT still with the steel monocoque tub. That of course does not include the J-cars or Ford GT stuff.
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