Charlie Farley

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Picture the scene,
A horse consults a fortune teller.

The fortune teller says " I see alot of foreign travel for you in the near future........
Romania, Holland, France, England...

Pete McCluskey.

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I would bridle at those remarks sir, anyway the French have been eating horse flesh for hundreds of years, it's about time you lot tried it. Very tasty in a late night kebab.

Charlie Farley

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The point is we HAVE been trying it...
That doesn't really worry me though.
What does worry me is that the Northern Ireland equivalent of the
English Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,
believes that over the last 3 years, up to 70,000 horses seem to
have gone missing.It would seem that this whole issue has not just
arisen from an arbitary test on some 'beef' samples, rather they had been
watching thousands of horses being moved covertly under the cover of darkness
and some bright spark wondered where they were going.
Story has it that in order to get certificates for the horses to enter the human
food chain, certificates were forged and box loads of microchips purchased from
Taiwan, alledgedly. Thats okay, until you factor in that a lot of equine drugs are highly toxic to certain organs in the human body. And as no oversight took place, chances are there was a high proportion of sick animals included.
Sorry, i have to stop, i'm foaming at the mouth...

Mike Pass

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This is all very punny but the people responsible have long since galloped into the distance and that's the mane problem, so it's no use slamming the stable door now it's all turned into a nightmare.

Our builders have refused to drink the tea and coffee we have been making them....
they claim we have been putting milk and shergar in them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I do not know about all of this horse talk. I mustang out with the wrong crowd. I think I will just trot over to one of the political threads to stirrup some more trouble.